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Is your child eating kid-friendly foods that support overall health and wellness?
Smart ways parents can get kids to eat healthier foods.
Guilt-free desserts to please the whole family
Dinner is over and your family is craving something sweet to end the meal. There are plenty of delicious options to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth while keeping your family's diet balanced.
5 tips for fighting grime: The squeaky-clean truth about the dish pit and commercial dishwashers
Learn how the right dish washing area can keep your restaurant running smoothly and efficiently while keeping your cookware and dishes clean.
Have a delicious baking recipe? Share it with the world
Learn how your favorite breakfast recipe could win you amazing prices in Pillsbury's Bake-Off Contest.
Five ways to celebrate the return of the sun
Whether taking a break from the workday to enjoy the park or hosting an event for friends, there are many ways to bask in the warmth of the sun
The new time to have fun and bond with your family: breakfast
Families are always looking for new ways to spend time together. Why not start your weekend off on the right foot with a little family time in the kitchen over a delicious hot breakfast?
Greener grilling: Good for you and for Mother Nature, too
Grill greener with earth-friendly fuel options, better ingredients, sustainably sourced seasonings and these grilling tips.
Try tasty simple swaps to lighten up your menu
When it comes to diet and health, small changes can lead to big rewards. The trick is to identify ingredients that make for easy trades, like milk, yogurt and cheese.
Got a great wedding theme? Tips for carrying it throughout your big day
What does the concept of a wedding theme mean to you? Do you think it's just about the colors you choose for your bouquet and bridesmaid gowns? Or do you think of it as something grander - your personalized stamp that should shine through every aspect of your big day?
Easy tips and menu for outdoor entertaining
Try these tips for planning an outdoor entertaining soiree for a birthday, bridal shower, graduation, or simply to spend time with some friends.
Fascinating facts about everyone's favorite sweet treat: Caramel
There are many confections available to satisfy a sweet tooth, but one that melts the hearts of many is rich, creamy caramel. Read fascinating facts about caramel's history as well as two new exciting dessert recipes.
Tips and tricks for healthy and tasty food substitutions from culinary experts
To be inspired and jazz up any meal time, take cues from culinary experts about clever substitutions for commonly used foods.
Put a little 'spring' in your seasonal recipes
Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli offers three light recipes that are perfect for any spring get together. Which one is your favorite, try them all and decide.
Easy do-it-yourself Easter: Fun Easter projects for the whole family
The Easter bunny is right around the corner, which means chocolate eggs, chick marshmallows and stuffed bunnies will soon be popping up around the home. Celebrate with a build-your-own Easter basket with the kids for some quality time for the entire family.
Tips for making your child's birthday extra special this year
For many young children (especially those between the ages of 3 and 6), a birthday is the most important and anticipated day of the year. The challenge is finding the time to create birthdays that will leave lasting impressions. Here are fun and easy ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday.
Big family, big love: Easy entertaining tips for large groups
Between holidays, graduation parties and warm weather festivities, there's always a reason to gather for a great meal and some fun. With a few organization tricks and cooking tips, even the largest families can come together to enjoy quality time with one another while sharing in food and fun.
Prepping your meals for more nutrients
Want to obtain the most nutrition out of your meals? Incorporate fresh ingredients and pay attention to how they are prepped. A variety of cooking techniques can make certain foods are more flavorful while maintaining high nutritional levels.
Sodium truths: Americans are eating the right amount of salt
Contrary to popular belief, the average American eats just the right amount of salt. In fact every single population throughout the world, regardless of location, state of development, culture and cuisine, all ingest a similar amount of salt when compared to the U.S. average. It doesn't matter if people get their salt from packaged or restaurants foods or add it in themselves, the amount stays fairly constant.
8 ways to celebrate spring
Gluten free 101: What you need to know
You've probably been hearing a lot about gluten. Maybe a friend has gone gluten-free or a family member has been diagnosed with celiac disease or been advised to avoid gluten. So, what exactly is gluten? Is it something you should give up too?
Feed body and soul by giving your next Italian meal a nutritious twist
It is said that Italian food nourishes the body and soul by celebrating fresh ingredients prepared with love. Using care when selecting ingredients for your next Italian meal can be the difference between heavier fare and something family members can feel good about, especially at a time when many are striving to eat more nutritious foods. With some simple adjustments, such as switching to lean ground turkey in recipes that call for ground beef, it's easy to eat well without sacrificing taste.
Bunny bowls and spring flavors get families hopping to the table for Easter
When spring finally arrives, we gladly shed heavy coats and snow boots. Meals, too, lighten up with warmer weather, as we leave behind hearty soups and heavier meals in favor of more sprightly and seasonal fare. Spring celebrations - from Easter brunches to graduation dinners - are great opportunities to revisit old favorites and try something new.
Spring into health with these tasty snack recipes
Healthy food that also tastes good is always in vogue and now it's getting a spring makeover.
Is it really possible for kids to like whole grains?
We know. Whole grains are good for us, offering fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. But can they really be tasty enough for our kids to enjoy? And how do we add them to more of our meals? The answers may be as close as your nearest elementary, middle or high school. Schools across the country are introducing whole grain breads, pastas, rice, pizzas and tortillas.
Commercial refrigeration: Sizzling insight on the coolest part of your food service business
School lunches are gold mines for recycling, reusing and replenishing
From an early age, children can roll up their sleeves and get involved in helping reduce the amount of trash they produce by participating in recycling programs. Across the country, children will celebrate Earth Day April 22 with science fairs and environmental educational seminars about the importance of recycling. When children start recycling early in life, they're more likely to continue that behavior as they get older - and pass the practice on to their own kids.
Wine and food: Making a perfect match
If you've ever stood before an aisle of wine completely baffled by what to serve at your next dinner party, you aren't alone. Whether red or white, dry or sweet, the options can be overwhelming. Two wine experts have teamed up to help you navigate the wine aisle like a pro.
Get your glitz on: How to add pizzazz to your Oscar party this year
Awards season will soon come to a crescendo with the airing of the Oscars March 2. Celebrities are gearing up to hit the red carpet and crossing their fingers that they come home with an award. You and your guests can feel like part of the experience too. Bring the elegance and excitement of the Academy Awards into your home this year by kicking your party up a notch with just a few small tweaks.
Hosting a bridal, baby or graduation party? Clever food shortcuts big on taste, low on stress
It's that time of year - bridal showers, baby showers and graduation parties are likely dotting your calendar. If you're the lucky host of one of these milestone events, you might feel excitement paired with a bit of trepidation as you start the party-planning process. The good news is, there are some simple ways to be the "hostess with the mostest" and limit stress at the same time.
Looking for the perfect wedding gift? How to spice up the happy couple's newlywed bliss
If you struggle finding just the right wedding present for friends and family who are getting married, you're not alone. You want a gift that is personal, unique and, above all else, something they will actually use. Many newlyweds need to build their kitchen supplies, plus with the foodie trend still going strong, you can't go wrong with food- and cooking-themed gifts. Here are some unique ideas to consider.
Food forecast: U.S. embraces European traditions to create authentic cuisine stateside
Not long ago, adding international flair to your foods simply meant incorporating a dash of spice or trying a new cooking method. Today, Americans expect more out of their food, and the newest culinary trends are inspired by European traditions in order to create delicious, unique cuisine closer to home. Keep an eye out for these top food trends and dine on exciting new foods made in the U.S.
Enjoy the taste of eating right with healthy, tasty snacks
While health is a main concern for many Americans, the majority are still choosing food based on taste rather than nutrition. This Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is hoping to change perceptions and shed light on the fact that healthy food can taste good by promoting the theme: Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right during National Nutrition Month.
Brewing up fresh ideas in the kitchen: How to incorporate craft beer into your cooking
For those that are experienced in the kitchen, wine may be a familiar ingredient to cook with, but many people don't even consider using craft beer in their recipes. While it may not be commonplace quite yet, more and more people are learning that craft beer can add a flavorful dimension to a variety of dishes.
Rice is nice: Five fun things you didn't know about this great grain
You've had it fried, boiled and "puddinged." You've savored it in many varieties, including long-grain brown and white. So you think you know rice? Think again - when it comes to a versatile, nutritionally valuable complex carbohydrate, rice is a stand-out in the world of great grains.
Take a fresh approach to better eating habits
The first step to improving your eating habits is simple: When it comes to meals, always include fresh ingredients. Fresh foods make meals taste better, and they can provide more of the nutrients that fuel your body and support your immune system.
Successful restaurant kitchens have 5 indispensable pieces of cooking equipment
Fusion teas to super seaweed: top food trends to watch in 2014
Culinary creativity doesn't require you to be a highly trained chef, and you don't have to be a dedicated "foodie" to spice things up in the kitchen. It's easy to find inspiration in the hottest culinary trends emerging for 2014.
Ditch the New Year's resolution and make 2014 a delicious, well-balanced eating revolution
The New Year's resolution is an annual tradition for many Americans. But year after year, Americans throw themselves into a harsh new routine of extreme weight loss and diet, which leaves little room for success. In fact, 92 percent of those who set a resolution fall short of keeping it. This year, kick those New Year's resolutions to the curb and revamp your lifestyle with a well-balanced eating revolution. What does this mean? Make small - and flavorful - changes to your daily routine to help you reach your goals and become a better you throughout the year. The following tips include new ways to prepare meals for every season, allowing you to boost your energy and make better choices without sacrificing taste.
Fumble-free food ideas for the big game
Whether you can barely contain your excitement for epic football competition, or you prefer to watch the clever commercials between plays, football fans big and small are gearing up for the big game. America loves a game-viewing party, so why not invite your friends and family over and score big with a few surprisingly quick and simple entertaining tricks? Here what you need to know.
Snack like a pro on game day
Ted Harper, the team sports dietitian for the New England Patriots, and Bryan Snyder, the team nutrition manager for the Denver Broncos, may be rivals on the field, but when it comes to nutrition, they agree on one thing: pistachios are an ideal snack, whether you're a professional athlete or an armchair spectator.
Mom was right, you should eat more veggies - here's how you do it
The majority of Americans say they've been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables over the past year, according to a poll by the International Food Information Council Foundation. And, with good reason; eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure and prevent some types of cancer, according to Harvard School of Public Health.
Home-field advantage for the big-game party? Don't forget to have a food safety game plan in place
You've seen it time and time again. Your favorite football team is trailing late in the game with the ball not far inside the opponent's territory. It's what's commonly referred to as "four-down territory." Attempting a field goal is either a long shot or doesn't garner enough points to win the game. The best option is to "go for it" on fourth down. As the saying goes, the future is now.
How to claim victory as a No. 1 sports party host
When you hear the phrase "'tis the season" you might be thinking holidays. But it's also the season of families and friends gathering together around the big-screen TV to cheer on their favorite college or pro sports teams.
Resolving to cook more at home?
Cooking more at home is a common New Year's resolution - and a good one at that. Not only can you save money by eating at home, you can also make choices restaurants often decide for you about how food is purchased and prepared.
Healthy happy family travel
Looking to take a road trip but dread hearing the infamous "Are we there yet?" or "Can we please, please stop for fast food?" questions.
The no-fail solution for keeping healthy-eating resolutions
New Year's resolutions are good things - unless you set yourself up for failure with grand, ultimately unachievable goals. Rather than frustrate yourself with overwhelming changes, try making smaller ones that will positively impact your life and encourage other healthier decisions throughout the year.
Chase the mid-winter blues away with wholesome comfort foods
The colder weather of winter has many looking for some comforting wholesome meals to share with friends and family. This winter try delicious recipes that will create tantalizing smells in the home and warm everyone sitting around the table.
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