Wayne Harvell has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Ardmore, Tenn.

“I will work with citizens, the council, employees and county, state and federal officials to ensure strong communications!” Harvell promised.

“With everyone’s help, we will work to develop long-range plans to include: continued development of the park, greater water and sewer capacity, sidewalks, street lights, walking trails, community events and city beautification.

“These plans will also include increasing retail opportunities, developing commercial areas and studies of traffic patterns for future growth.

“In order to develop and expand these goals, I will seek your input and involvement — I would like to hear from you.”

Harvell may be reached at 256-783-4103.

Harvell has been married to Julia Price Harvell for 58 years. They have three children, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, six grandchildren and four grand-puppies.

He has lived in Ardmore for 22 years, and has served as a city alderman for 11 years. As an alderman, Harvell has served on the street committee, water board and library board. He has also served as chaplain for the Ardmore Police and Fire departments for 20 years.

He has been a minister and church administrator for 58 years and was a high school/college teacher, counselor and coach, administrator for a vocational rehabilitation facility, president of a K-12 private school, a business owner and a home builder/contractor.

For more information, visit wayneharvell.com

—Wayne Harvell

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