The Elkton Board of Mayor and Aldermen will help sponsor an Elkton Fun Day Saturday, July 30, featuring a host of events for the community as announced at the July 14 city meeting.

Local citizens can beat the summer heat with an inflatable obstacle course, water slide, dunk tank and plenty of food options.

The board heard the rental fees and liability insurance would cost approximately $900. It was decided that $500 would come from the park fund, $200 from the general fund and an additional $200 would be provided by the Elkton Volunteer Fire Department.

The day’s activities will kick-off at noon and run through the evening, ending at 5-6 p.m.


The board approved the police and fire reports for the month of June.

The police report detailed 50 citations including 41 speeding and nine violations of the financial responsibility law. One warning was given and three arrests were made.

The fire department’s report detailed eight incidents including three motor vehicle accidents, two fires, two false alarms and one service call.

Used Police Vehicle

The board approved a motion to advertise sealed bids for a 2012 Dodge Charger which had been used by the local police department. The vehicle is considered to be in good condition with 105,000 miles on the odometer. The board reserves the right to refuse any bids.

In other business, the board:

• Heard the upcoming fiscal year’s budget has been approved, and revenue from the current fiscal year’s exceeded the projected budget by approximately $65,000.

• Candidates for County Executive, Melissa Greene and Graham Stowe, were in attendance and spoke briefly on their respective candidacies and the need for civility in the electoral process.

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