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Tommy Hyatt came out on top in a highly contested race for Giles County Assessor of Property in yesterday’s county general election.

Hyatt, the incumbent, was among five candidates vying for the position, which is filled by general election every four years.

The voting totals for the Assessor of Property race were:

• Tracy Woodard Armstrong — 1,483

• Carl (Bookie) Evans — 365

• Tommy Gowan — 439

• Tommy Hyatt — 2,105

• Nell Maultsby — 683

School Board

The Giles County Board of Education will have two new members after last night’s election.

District 2 incumbent Tommy Pope lost to challenger Mary McCloud. Pope got 297 votes to McCloud’s 446.

District 6 incumbent Debra Poole-Tillman lost to challenger Willa Sherrell Smith. Poole-Tillman received 252 votes to Smith’s 291.

In District 4, incumbent Katie Journey won re-election against challenger Leigh Brymer. Journey received 641 votes with Brymer getting 186.

Sales Tax Referendum

Giles County voters living outside Pulaski were asked to consider a referendum that would add a .25 percent sales tax to purchases made throughout Giles County.

Voters rejected the referendum by a vote of 1,111 in favor and 2,652 against.

Despite the failure of the effort to expand the .25 percent sales tax countywide, it will continue to be collected on purchases made inside the city of Pulaski.

County Uncontested

Giles County Superintendent of Roads Barry Hyatt was re-elected with no opposition, receiving 4,387 votes.

Also re-elected in races that were uncontested were Joseph Sutton and Larry Worsham, who were seeking to fill two unexpired terms as District 6 County Commissioners. Sutton received 374 votes while Worsham received 300 votes.

Chris Sockwell was elected in an uncontested race for 22nd Judicial District Circuit Court Judge Part III, receiving 3,487 votes.

Travis Jones was also uncontested in his bid for 22nd Judicial District Public Defender, receiving 3,468 votes.


Voters in Elkton had three choices to fill three aldermanic seats on the city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The three men elected were Payton Blade, 64 votes; Bill Bonjour, 60 votes; and Bobby L. Sherrell, 73 votes.


Robert E. White won the three-way race for Lynnville Mayor.

White received 67 votes, Floyd Pratt got 24 votes and Patty Patterson got 10 votes.

Lynnville voters also filled two aldermanic seats from three candidates, with Charles Jett (69 votes) and Carrie Riner (63 votes) earning the seats. William Morse received 33 votes.

Minor Hill

In Minor Hill, Chad Ingram and Roger Thompson were the only two candidates for the two aldermanic seats on the ballot. Ingram received 60 votes while Thompson received 64.


Republican and Democrat candidates were on primary ballots for congressional and senate seats that will be filled in November.


Bill Hagerty took the most Giles County votes among 15 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

The top two candidates receiving votes in Giles County to be the Republican U.S. Senate candidate were:

• Bill Hagerty — 1,819

• Manny Sethi — 1,579

Marquita Bradshaw took the most Giles County votes among five candidates vying for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate.

The top two candidates receiving votes in Giles County to be the Democrat U.S. Senate candidate were:

• Marquita Bradshaw — 341

• Robin Kimbrough — 230

Bradshaw and Hagerty each earned the statewide nominations from their respective parties to move on and face each other for the U.S. Senate seat in the November General Election.


U.S. Congressman Mark Green was uncontested in his bid to be the Republican candidate for his seat. Green received 2,975 votes.

Green will move on to face the Democrat candidate in the November General Election.

State Primaries

State Sen. Joey Hensley and State Rep. Clay Doggett each earned the Republican nomination for their seats in the state legislature.

Hensley received 2,948 Giles County votes and Doggett received 3,561 Giles County votes.

No candidates ran for either seat in the Democrat primaries in Giles County.

The Giles County Election Commission will meet at 3 p.m. Aug. 17 at the Giles County Election Office to certify the results of the election.

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