City Council Preview

A public hearing has been set for the proposed 2020-21 City of Pulaski budget as the Board of Mayor and Aldermen resumed their regular meeting schedule this week.

Meeting virtually due to COVID-19, the board discussed current and future budgets in response to, as City Administrator Terry Harrison explained, encouragement from the state of Tennessee for all government entities to adopt their next fiscal year budget as soon as possible.

The board approved an ordinance on first reading to amend the current budget to account for increased expenditures, including:

• A transfer of $94,000 to the Industrial Development Board for water and sewer lines going to Integrity Tool and Mold Inc. and Murco Wall Products in Dan Speer Industrial Park South.

• A transfer of $207,000 to pay for a garbage truck.

• An increase in the paving budget for the Street Department to $700,000 to account for state paving and paving done in Industrial Park South.

The board will hold a public hearing on the budget amendment at 12:10 p.m. during its May 12 meeting, which is scheduled to be held virtually at noon at city hall.

The city council also approved the 2020-21 appropriations to non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations on first reading. Harrison said the proposed appropriations are the same as the board approved last year, except for the church of New Canaan Ranch, which was added by the board during the current fiscal year.

The proposed appropriations as approved on first reading Tuesday total $624,721; they are as follows:

• Veteran’s Alliance — $2,000

• Giles County Public Library — $137,792

• Senior Citizens — $20,000

• Chamber of Tourism and Commerce — $26,500

• New Canaan Ranch Church — $2,000

• Child Development — $5,000

• South Central Human Resource Agency — $1,259

• Boys & Girls Club — $9,000

• E-911 — $112,000

• Economic Development — $51,650 (decrease in request)

• Giles County Help Center — $3,000

• Historic Downtown Pulaski — $35,000

• Kid’s Place — $5,000

• STAAR Theatre — $5,000

• The Shelter — $5,000

• Giles County Schools — $200,000

• The Pouring Spot — $2,000

• Giles County Humane Association — $2,500

Mayor Pat Ford said the appropriations will be discussed further when the city council meets in work session Monday, May 4.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the city council approved the first reading of the proposed 2020-21 fiscal year city budget.

Harrison said he left most of the budget the same, adding he is confident the city can make it through the next two years without a problem. A public hearing for the proposed 2020-21 budget will be held at 12:05 p.m. at the city council’s May 12 meeting.

In other business, the board:

• Voted to file for a $30,000 grant application for the Pulaski/Giles County Airport.

Harrison said the Tennessee Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics notified the city that the airport is eligible for the grant through the CARES Act.

• Approved a contract with PDC Consultants for engineering services at Abernathy Field Airport.

• Rescheduled previously approved parade permits for the Trent Holt 5K to be held June 6 and for the Rescue Tails Dog Rescue to be held June 27.

• Re-advertised the opening of bids at the May 12 meeting for a camera for the sewer department.

• Adopted a resolution relative to In-Lieu of Performance Bond for the closure and post-closure of the demolition landfill and the old municipal landfill.

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen will next meet in a work session Monday, May 4, at 4:30 p.m. at city hall.

Any citizen wanting to join board meetings or work sessions virtually is welcome to call city hall at 363-2516 for more information.

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