Cave Springs Park

Cave Springs Park will be transformed into Cave Spring Heritage Plaza following a vote by the Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen last week. The site will serve as “a designated area to commemorate those from the community who have made exceptional contributions to Giles County.”   Barbara Harmon / Pulaski Citizen

Pulaski’s Cave Springs Park will soon become Cave Spring Heritage Plaza, a designated area to commemorate those from the community who have made exceptional contributions to Giles County.

“I think it will be an incredible plaza and effort on behalf of the city to designate this area,” Alderman Ricky Keith said.

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the historical designation during its regular session Sept. 28 to have a place to honor those who are presented to them from the Community Advisory Council (CAC)on Recognition and Acknowledgment, its first request being the United States Colored Troops 110th and 111th Regiments, and others as well.

“This is the most perfect place, the most perfect park that could’ve possibly been selected for us to have a memorial,” 93-year-old retired schoolteacher and CAC Chair Vivian Sims said, adding that “it’s not hidden anywhere, and no one has to search for it.”

The park is located on North First Street at the bottom of Fort Hill, making it visible to people driving into Pulaski on Highway 31 and Highway 31A.

Those in attendance at the CAC’s meeting Sept. 27 when Keith presented the concept, “spoke very highly of that recommendation” and were “very complimentary of that idea,” Mayor Pat Ford said.

“I want to thank the aldermen… that this land will be used for this purpose to not only honor the United States Colored Troops, but also for years and years from now to honor more organizations and people who deserve to be honored for the work they have done for Giles County,” Sims said.

Keith said there are also plans to have QR codes on markers that will link to the Giles County Historical Society for additional information.

“It will be a heritage plaza to the community,” he insisted, adding that this is another way to continue to “build up and not tear down.”

In other business during its regular meeting Sept. 28, the board:

• Approved parade permits for the Rotary Club of Pulaski for Saturday, Nov. 6, the Giles County Veterans Service for Thursday, Nov. 11, and Giles Chamber, Giles County Band Backers and Giles County Library for Saturday, Oct. 16.

• Approved, on second reading, the rezoning of the CB&S Bank property at 313 W. Madison St.

• Approved, on second reading, the rezoning of Donnie Meadows’ property located on Mines Road.

• Approved advertising for bids for the removal of sludge at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Meeting as the beer board, the city council:

• Approved a special event/temporary beer permit for the Giles Chamber for Saturday, Oct. 16.

The board will next meet in regular session at City Hall Tuesday, Oct. 12, at noon.

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