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The Giles County Board of Education recently recognized its Teacher Leaders for the 2019-20 school year.

Teacher Leaders serve as curriculum coaches and mentors, working 20-40 hours throughout the year by sharing resources and modeling best practices with their peers. The roles are customized to meet each school’s needs.

The Teacher Leaders also provide district-wide professional development programming via their bi-monthly “PD and Popcorn” sessions.  They are paid stipends via Differentiated Pay funds from the Tennessee Department of Education.

The leaders for Bridgeforth Middle School were Angela Davis (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks), Lori Heard (ELA), Mishi McCullom (Mentor), Shelly Goolsby (Math) and Robin Neely (Blended Learning).

Giles County High School Teacher Leaders were Tegan Gonzales (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks), Andi Birdsong (ELA), Jamie Bedingfield (Math) and Rebecca Conner (Data/ACT) as leaders.

For Minor Hill School, Rachel James (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks & Blended Learning), Angie Edde (Mentor) and Libby Rogers (Math) were Teacher Leaders.

Pulaski Elementary School: Traci Rackley (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks), Alicia Davis (Mentor), Diane Newton (ELA), Shannon Shirey (Math), Laura Nelson (Science) and Tangie Barnickle (Data).

Richland Elementary School: Brooke Penrod (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks), Dianne Watkins (Mentor), Lauren Carpenter (ELA K-3), Alicia Perkins (ELA 4/5), Susannah Loveless (Math) and Monica Edwards (Data).

Southside Elementary School: Kay Qualls (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks), Brooke Pelfrey (ELA), Jennifer Gaines (Math) and Christy Simpson (Data).

Elkton School: Wendy Hoover (ELA), Alex Golden (Math) and Jennifer Wilsford (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks).

Richland High School: Jeanne James was a Mentor Teacher Leader (ELA), Shannon Baxter (Data/ACT) and Missy Locke (Curriculum Materials/Textbooks) as their Teacher Leaders.

“When determining Giles County Teacher Leaders, we looked at principal recommendations, application responses, interviews (as needed), Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (student growth) data and disposition scores,” said Woods.

There are five teacher leader groups that were each facilitated by one of the district team members: Christine Horn (Blended Learning & Professional Development Coordinator), Tammy Moss (Instructional Reading Coach), Velena Newton (Principal at RES), April Sakowicz (Pre-K-Five Instructional Supervisor), and Courtney Woods (Sixth-12th Instructional Supervisor).  The district team meets to set criteria and work with principals on selecting teacher leaders.    

The ELA, Math and Science Content Leads are asked to lead teachers in unpacking the standards, assist in creating common formative assessments and helping teachers use those to guide instruction, analyze appropriate interventions to use based on data, assist teachers with lesson plans, facilitate content area PLCs and aid teachers in creating and maintaining appropriate pacing guides.

 The Mentor Teacher Leaders hold monthly meetings with mentees to review a checklist of challenges, model effective elements of a lesson to new teachers, share resources and proven strategies and provide assistance to first-year teachers and others (as determined by administrator).

The Data Teacher Leaders analyze school level data as needed, assist teachers in analyzing student data and lead PLC meetings to discuss data and make data-driven decisions.

Blended Learning Teacher Leaders provide support for teaching in a blended learning environment, build teacher capacity for incorporating blended learning and model effective technology integration within lessons to enhance pedagogies.

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