honor roll

The students of Elkton Elementary who have qualified to be named on the school’s first nine-week honor roll of the 2020-21 academic year are:


Nickie Buchannon

All A’s — Carter Frakes, Brantlee Gerasimchik, Charlie Gilland, Garret Laarman, Logan Lewter, Sofia Nickerson, Naomi Parker, Adalynn Terry, Wyatt Wirick.

A/B — Kamauri Gilmore, Ki’Mani Trotter, Addyson Apodaco.

Dana Pierce

All A’s — Josiah Clemmons, Reece Garner, Sophia Hutto, Gideon Littrell, Willow Melear, Gavin Mosley, Sarah Pylant, Simon Whittaker.

A/B — Kash Drake.

First Grade

Kalie Carvell

All A’s — Ava Abbott, Aidyn Barber, Marley Buckner, Brooklyn Chapman, Addyson Kesmodel, Willa Madison, Easton Miller.

A/B — Michael James, Ryver Ray.

Wendy Hoover

All A’s — Tripp Reed, Shaylee Kimbrough, Wyatt Norwood, Malachi Smith.

A/B — Addison Fox, Braxton Garner.

Second Grade

Tammy Gaudette

All A’s — Laura Lee Barrett, Silas Bryan, Zion Woodard.

A/B — Nylah Bledsoe, Cason Gilland, Calias Horton, Anniston Jones, Dax Sherrell, Elizjah Smith, Sarina Spears, Caeli Wilbanks, Mikayla Winn-Powers.

Mary Beth Barrett

All A’s — Emileigh Moss, Wally Rolin.

A/B — Paizley Brown, Harper Burrough, Camden Cardell, RJ Holt, Lola Madison, Landyn Pylant, Kinley Shrader, Rober Slater.

Third Grade

Kim McAlister

A/B — Connor Abernathy, Paizlee Campbell, Izzy Sanders.

Taylor Dickey

All A’s — Laila Mosley.

A/B — Aubrey Bryan, David Dingley, Na’Keyla Holt, Evelyn Miller, Kylee Moss, Jack Pearl.

Fourth Grade

Kayla Coble

A/B — Piper Abbott, Samuel Bryant.

Melissa Burgess

All A’s — Karstyn Pope.

A/B — Bo Lewter.

Fifth Grade

Alex Golden

All A’s — Kenadee McAfee, Caiden Simmons.

A/B Honor Roll —JJ Garrison, Addie Jo Lewter.

Strive – Sierra Miller, Savanna Peek, Nick White.

Sherri Deason

All A’s — Korbin Harding, Clayton Mosley, Kaleigh O’Barr.

A/B — Owen Crosby, Taylar Fanning, Makayla Packard, Briley Wharton.

Strive – Lexi Barber, David Bridges, Zoey Campbell, Jame Stewart.

Sixth Grade

Jonathan Franklin

All A’s — Danika Grenko.

A/B — Chelsea Bryan, Kenny Conner.

Strive – Taylor Chapman, TJ Cross, April Roman.

Kelley Deason

All A’s — Lexi Bryan, Ava Walleman.

A/B — Kate Hood, Graham Hoover.

Seventh Grade

Teri Mize

All A’s — Abby Hood, Zach Hood, Gryphin Jones, Sophie Riddle.

A/B — Aiden Caldwell, Cole Jones, Tanner McCoy, Bryant Roettger.

Niki Gilland

All A’s — Dallas Buckner, Brooklyn Clark.

A/B — Elizabeth Betterton, Ashton Caldwell, Clayton McCoy, Gabby Miller, Maddy Ward.

Eighth Grade

Terrence Cross

All A’s — Chloe Clark, Jayden Pearson.

A/B — Alex Bell, Hannah Hulbert, Lily Smith, Stella Stuart.

Cindy Pride

All A’s — Lily Reed.

A/B — Miller Body, Addison Douthit, Timothy Miller, Vita Reed, Maria Roman, Tessa Roper, Paul Solomon.


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