SES SoM Oct 20 Daylon Gardner

Daylon Gardner

Southside Elementary School’s October Student of the Month is fifth grader Daylon Gardner.  

Daylon was nominated by his fifth grade social studies/science teacher Mrs. Kostal, who said, “Daylon works hard to get his work done. He makes sure he has his materials and is ready for each class. He is kind to his classmates and is always ready to volunteer when I need a messenger or someone to take the clipboard.”  

Daylon maintains that math is his favorite subject because multiplication and division are easy and “I’m just good at math.”

“That Daylon is a hard worker, has a positive attitude and plenty of energy,” his math teacher Mrs. Bryant said. “He is a really good student.”  

Daylon is very active in sports. He plays football, baseball and basketball. Of the three sports, Daylon said football is his favorite.

While at home he likes to play video games, especially Madden and 2K, a basketball game. He enjoys riding his bike with his brother and his friends and enjoys going for a swim and playing the drums. He also said he loves to run and race people.  

According to his mom, “Daylon is my generous, kind-hearted, sweet baby boy. He helps out at home by cleaning the house, doing the dishes, helping with the laundry and even helps cut the yard.”  

His mom also said he loves his church. Currently he is a junior deacon and sings in a gospel group.  


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