Car Gadgets

Gadgets and cars have seemingly always had a symbiotic relationship. As cars have evolved, so, too, have the gadgets that make driving more enjoyable.

The connection between cars and gadgets has become even stronger in recent decades, a time marked by rapid technological advancements and one in which car buyers increasingly look for tech-friendly cars and trucks.

Buyers in the market for new automobiles may be surprised by some of these innovations that have changed driving.

• Remote start: No one enjoys enduring frigid winter mornings or suffocating summer heat as they sit waiting for their engines to warm up or their windshields to defrost.

Innovation has made such unpleasantries a thing of the past thanks to remote start technology, which allows drivers to use their smartphones to start their vehicles from inside their homes.

• Bluetooth connectivity: around for years, this advancement has made staying connected while behind the wheel more convenient and more safe.

Just connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s bluetooth. Once that connection is made, drivers can play music, accept phone calls and even receive text messages while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

• Self-parking: Drivers who never mastered the art of parallel parking need not avoid cities any longer.

Some cars now come with self-parking features that drivers simply turn on, the car will then parallel park itself.

• Blindspot monitoring: Aging drivers who haven’t purchased a new car in awhile but are in the market may be thrilled to learn that blindspots have become a thing of the past.

Blindspot monitoring systems alert drivers of approaching cars via a light on their sideview mirrors and/or a sound as drivers attempt to change lanes. This can make it easier for aging drivers with flexibility issues to avoid accidents.

Anti-collision warning systems operate in a similar fashion, alerting motorists, and potentially even applying the brakes, if the system suspects the car is about to hit something.

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