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This column provides glimpses of events in Giles County from past


Dec. 13, 2011, PULASKI CITIZEN

In the first-ever private pilot training class at Abernathy Field, five students had attended twice-weekly classes preparing them to pass the FAA private pilot written exam. In the past, would-be pilots had been tutored individually because there was no classroom available at Abernathy Field.

The Elkton Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to give $500 to the city’s historical society, which was working to bring an exhibit to Elkton from the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington.

A way suggested by Giles County Ambulance Service employees to change their holiday pay that would cost the county no extra money was recommended by the County Commission’s Ambulance Service Committee.

Crockett Cinemas was showing “Sherlock Holmes,” “Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” and “New Year’s Eve.”

The Martin was showing “The Muppets.”


Elkton Fire Department had installed a new beeper alert system whereby all emergency calls to the department were made through the Giles County Sheriff’s Department.

Glen Payne, son of Fred and Modene Payne of Pulaski, was recognized by his Nashville based company, National Allied Synergetics, for being the top salesman in his region for the first six months in 1981.

Family Dollar was offering a warm wrap comforter for $10, a 1200 Watt hair dryer for $7.99, fashion handbags for $6.99 each and a

4-foot Christmas tree for $7.99.

Hunter-Smith Furniture Co. had a Eureka upright vacuum cleaner for $89.95.

Revco was selling a G. E. portable AM/FM radio for $19.99.

Food Mart had center-sliced smoked ham for $1.69 per pound, whole country hams for $1.77 per pound, 2 pounds of sausage for $2.49, a 29-ounce can of peaches for 69 cents, a dozen oranges for 79 cents, 10 pounds of red potatoes for $1.49, two 17-ounce cans of golden corn for 89 cents and a dozen large eggs for 73 cents.

Save-A-Lot Discount Food Stores was offering a 5-pound bag of flour for 69 cents, a 32-ounce jar of hamburger dill pickles for 79 cents and a 100-count box of tea bags for


Moonglo Drive-In was showing Peter Falk in “All the Marbles.”

Dec. 15, 1971, PULASKI CITIZEN

John Tucker had been re-elected chairman of the men’s division of the Giles County Farm Bureau, and Mrs. Howard Tabor was re-elected to head the women’s group.

A large relief map of the Lower Elk River region had been prepared by the TVA for use by the ERDA in its drive to help develop resources.

Arnold’s Music Center was offering an electronic organ for $279.99.

Lawrenceburg Plaza Shopping Center had a three-piece electric extension cord set for 97 cents and a 34-piece Melamine dinnerware set for $7.97.

A&P was selling sliced bacon for 59 cents per pound, a quart of mayonnaise for 49 cents, 4 pounds of red apples for 59 cents and 10 pounds of white potatoes for 49


Davis & Eslick Big Star was offering four 20-ounce boxes of cake mix for $1, a 15-ounce can of cranberry sauce for 25 cents, three 8-ounce packs of cream cheese for $1, vine ripe tomatoes for 29 cents per pound and three dozen oranges

for $1.

Moonglo Drive-In Theatre was showing “Paranoia,” “99 Women,” “That Cold Day in the Park” and Jack Nicholson in “Five Easy Pieces.”

Dec. 13, 1961, PULASKI CITIZEN

E. O. Blackburn had been re-elected president of the Giles County Farm Bureau for 1962, and Mrs. T. Wayne Harris again would serve as chairman of the Farm Bureau Women.

The first of the annual General H. H. Arnold Awards of the American Rocket Society Tennessee Section were presented to Robert E. Smith Jr., and Robert P. Rhodes Jr.

P. S. Dunnavant, Giles County native and founder of a large Huntsville, Ala., department store which bore his name, had received the 1961 Distinguished Citizen Award, the highest honor the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce bestows upon a citizen.

Rogers Furniture & Appliances was offering a two-piece sofa bed suite for $88, a five-piece dinette suite for $44.95 and table lamps for $5.95 each.

Davis & Eslick was selling chuck roast for 55 cents per pound, rib steak for 79 cents per pound, round steak for 89 cents per pound, a pound of popcorn for 19 cents, 10 pounds of potatoes for 39 cents, a 5-pound bag of flour for 58 cents, coconuts for 23 cents each, 5 pounds of oranges for 39 cents and 4 pounds of apples for 39 cents.

A&P had smoked bacon for 39 cents per pound, 3 pounds of ground beef for $1.15 and four 29-ounce cans of peaches for $1.

The Sam Davis Theatre was showing “The Tripp Family,” “Splendor in the Grass” and Pat Boone in “All Hands on Deck.”

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