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This column provides glimpses of events in Giles County from past editions of the PULASKI CITIZEN and THE GILES FREE PRESS.

May 11, 2010, Pulaski Citizen

Giles County High School sophomore Jobediah Roberts had competed against 2,000 other students from 17 schools to achieve the coveted Franklin A. Lenfesty Award after placing first in an annual chemistry competition co-sponsored by the Wilson Dam Section of American Chemical Society and the University of North Alabama Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

Martin Methodist College would have a Summer program through the month of June for children aged 5 to 12 who would be able to participate in swimming, dance, art, creative writing and other activities.

The Nashville Predators hockey team had donated a generous grant to the Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center in Giles County for the second consecutive year.

The Giles County High School baseball team defeated visiting Hickman County 11-9 at Sam Davis Park.

In the final game of both of their seasons, the Richland High School’s boys soccer team defeated Giles County High School 3-2.

The Richland High School baseball team achieved a 13-5 win over Columbia.

Singing group Eternal Vision would perform at Bunker Hill Church of God, and all proceeds would fund Eternal Vision Ministries.

Crockett Cinemas 3 would be screening “Iron Man 2,” “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Robin Hood.”

For the second weekend in a row, The Martin movie theater would be showing “Iron Man 2.”

May 7, 1980, Pulaski Citizen

Martin Methodist College President Bill Barnes stated the college was considering becoming a four-year institution and hoped it would come to fruition in the near future.

The Board of Directors of the new county park had decided to name it the Giles County Agri Park.

TG&Y family center was selling little league bats for $3.97 and metal minnow buckets for $4.17.

At SuperX, mini hair dryers were $10.88, mist curling irons were $8.88 and exercise sandals were $12.88.

Revco drug store had 50-count of packages of foam cups for 69 cents, 100-count paper plates for 94 cents and hanging planters for 79 cents.

Piggly Wiggly was selling 2 pounds of cabbage for 29 cents, 2-pound baskets of tomatoes for 88 cents and porcelain china cups for 59 cents with each $3 purchase of china.

Davis & Eslick had 4-ounce jars of Lipton tea mix for $1.79 and 2-pound packages of carrots for 55 cents.

Food Mart had strawberries for 89 cents per pint, cake mix for 29 cents per 9-ounce box and rib steak for $2.37 per pound.

The Moonglo Drive-In would be screening “10,” starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.

May 6, 1970, THE Giles Free Press

The Pulaski Exchange Club had set June 13 as the date for the first “Miss Giles County” contest that would determine the county’s entry in the “Miss Tennessee” pageant in Jackson, the winner of which would be sent as Tennessee’s entry in the “Miss America” pageant.

A grant totaling almost $1 million had been approved for Pulaski’s planned Bellvue Project by the Washington Office of the Department of Housing and Urban affairs that would develop the 26 acres along West College Street.

Sears was selling Zig-Zag sewing machines with cases and supplies for $56.

Fashion fabric had invisible zippers for 30 cents to 70 cents and foam rubber for 59 cents per bag.

Kuhn’s variety store was selling seven-piece beverage sets and comb and brush sets for 97 cents each in honor of Mother’s Day.

Davis & Eslick had 1-pound bags of coffee for 79 cents, 16-ounce cans of pink salmon for 79 cents and 3-pound bags of apples for 49 cents.

Dixie Foods was selling four bars of soap for 29 cents, 2-pound boxes of chicken breasts for 89 cents and four-roll packs of bathroom tissue for 37 cents.

Piggly Wiggly had a dozen eggs for 28 cents, 16-ounce cans of dog food for eight cents and 1-pound pies for 28 cents.

A&P was selling 3-pound jars of honey for 99 cents, four 29-ounce cans of plums for 99 cents, and 25-pound bags of dog food for $1.99.

The Moonglo Drive-In would soon screen “Viva Max.”

May 4, 1960, Pulaski Citizen

Charles D. Zant of Giles County High School placed second in Plane geometry in the annual Mathematics contest for South Central Tennessee at Martin College, and Prospect students, Judy Sanders and Joan Allen, placed second and third respectively in the Algebra II division.

Hunter-Smith Furniture Store was selling nine-piece dinette suites for $99.50 and rock maple bedroom suites for $219.95.

Noa Jewelry Company had Dormeyer electric mixers with knife sharpeners for $24.88 and 12-piece waterless cookware for $12.88.

K&S Department Store was selling dresses for $3.99-$14.99 and straw handbags for $1.99-$2.99.

The National Store had muslin pillowcases for $1 and summer dresses for $8.95.

Davis & Eslick was selling pork chops for 59 cents per pound and bananas for 10 cents per pound.

A&P had 46-ounce cans of tomato juice for 29 cents, 8-inch cherry pies for 49 cents and two 13-inch loaves of white bread for 29 cents.

The Sam Davis Theatre was finishing its screening of “Solomon and Sheba.” The weekend’s double-feature would consist of Abbot and Costello’s “Jack and the Beanstalk” in addition to “In Between Age.” The following week, “Babette Goes to War,” starring Brigitte Bardot, would screen.

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