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These are the Tried and True Businesses Giles Countians turn to for their great service and quality:

• Dr. Tesa Jolly • Sutton Family Pharmacy • Badcock Furniture • Aligned Medical Center • Cozy Cabin Coffee • Raymond James & Associates • Brownlow Body Shop  • Farmer's Mutual Insurance • Minor Hill Farm & Home Center

To help you get to know these local businesses better a new spotlight story will be added to this page every month.

Brownlow Body Shop

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Coming Soon — Brownlow Collision Center

A lot has changed over the past 12 months for most of us. The same might be said for Brownlow Body Shop. 

Brownlow continues to offer the same great, friendly service they are known for, but big things are on the horizon. 

“We will be moving our shop from our current location (an old shirt factory) on Minor Hill Highway and building a brand-new location at 1151 W. College St. in Pulaski, next to Farm Bureau, in late 2021,” explained Office Manager Danette Roberts.  

“We will have the same friendly faces and high-quality service that we are well know for and are excited to expand both our building and our service offerings to the community.” 

Brownlow Body Shop was first opened in 1987 and was the brainchild of Joe Brownlow. From the start, the shop has served the citizens of Giles County with a high standard of quality in automotive body repairs.

When Brownlow decided to retire, a man with extensive knowledge of auto body work was required to maintain the high standards he had set. In November 2017, his nephew Jay and wife Kim bought the shop. 

“Joe can still be seen around the shop from time to time,” Roberts said. 

The new owners brought along with them the same extensive knowledge of automobiles and the auto insurance industry. 

“Jay comes from a long family line of car aficionados,” Roberts said. “Professionally, he has more than 20 years of experience on the insurance side of automobile claims.”

As the auto body industry has changed, the shop has made every effort to serve customers and the community by adding services and modernizing.

“While we modernize our facilities, we will also be modernizing our name,” Roberts added. “Be on the lookout for Brownlow Collision Center this fall.” 

Brownlow’s personnel carry the important I-CAR certification. The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is the industry standard for excellence in auto collision repair. As with the auto industry, there is constant change in the repair industry as well. I-CAR provides ongoing training programs to make sure repair technicians, shop owners, automobile manufacturers and even insurers are educated in the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

“We strive to help all of our customers in any way we can from educating them on the insurance claims process, repair process and rental cars,” Roberts said. “All of our labor and paint work are warranted as long as you own the vehicle, certain exceptions may apply, and we can assist with glass repair, finding replacement parts and vehicle restoration projects.”

Brownlow Body Shop is currently located at 2842 Minor Hill Highway, Pulaski, or you can reach them at 363-7603.

Minor Hill Farm & Home Center

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‘We Treat Every Day As an Opportunity to Do Good Things’

 The Minor Hill Farm and Home Center opened its doors in September 2014 when Jimmy Williams and Perry Miller decided to put their knowledge of the building trade together in a business to serve the community. 


“Perry has since retired from ownership but remains a valued member of our staff,” team member Toby Bostwick explained.

“What started as a local source for animal feed and nails has evolved. A couple of years after opening, we partnered with House Hansen Hardware and now boast a well-stocked hardware store!”

The roots of the location run deep in the Minor Hill Community and in Giles County. It has served as a military clothing factory and in 2014 was operated as a struggling hardware store when it was bought out by Williams and Miller. 

“We may be a little of a drive to Minor Hill, but you will be surprised at all that we offer,” Bostwick said, adding, “We are neighbors serving neighbors.”

According to Bostwick, the operation wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated team members who keep things running smoothly.

“Perry Miller, our original partner, who now wears many hats, doing product pick-ups and deliveries, bookkeeping and many other tasks, along with Jimmy’s family are integral to our store,” Bostwick said. “Jimmy is not only a very involved owner, but also does job quoting, sales and is the face of our business, and Alton, Lester and Grady — Jimmy’s sons — work tirelessly in the store assisting customers, making deliveries and keeping us all in line.”

As were many businesses, the center was not spared from the effects of COVID-19. 

“We closed due to COVID-19 when Jimmy was hospitalized with COVID for a short time, but the larger impact is what affects everyone — limited availability and price increases of many building and hardware supplies.” 

The center supplies the community with building materials, feed and a vast array of hardware needs while striving to remain competitive in the market.

“We are the only store of our kind locally,” Bostwick said. “We live here and consider our customers our friends. Every day is a celebration of life’s opportunities, thus we treat every day as an opportunity to do good things!”

Visit Minor Hill Farm & Home Center at 166 Wray Branch Road. Call them at 565-3503 or find them on Facebook.

Oliver Wellness

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Oliver Wellness & Massage Offers Personal, Private Experience

 Oliver Wellness & Massage focuses on the health and well-being of their clients. They pride themselves on making each client’s visit a personal and private experience, whether it’s a spa treatment or a therapeutic appointment.

Owners Hailey and Nic Oliver opened the business in Lawrenceburg in 2019 and moved it to Pulaski in October 2020. After graduation from massage school, Hailey Oliver practiced as a licensed therapist for more than 10 years and decided to return to school for a degree in business. 

In the meantime, she went to work in the industrial sector and, after the birth of their children, she and husband Nic decided to go into business for themselves. They decided not only to offer massage therapy, but to combine it with health and wellness options like detox, an oxygen bar, a flotation tank and a Himalayan salt room. 

“The spa treatments are Nic’s purview,” said Hailey explained. “My specialty is pain therapy. I carry a special certification and training for it and our other massage therapist, Kyle Perry, specializes in prenatal massage.” 

Other services offered include facials, full body waxing and other beauty treatments performed by licensed anesthetist Madisen McMahan. All services are done by appointment-only through team member Kyla Brown who is in charge of front of house services.

Active in their community, which Nic also serves as a Giles County Sheriff’s Department deputy, they are members of the Giles County Chamber and opened with a traditional ribbon cutting. They also partner with the domestic violence center, The Shelter, to provide any of their services for women who may be suffering from PTSD, free of charge.

“We take great care to provide a completely private experience for our clients,” Hailey explained. “Unlike salons, who offer some of the same services, our clients are not exposed to each other, coming or going. We’re very private. We offer an exclusive private service.” 

Services are also offered in a group setting.

“We are able to offer services for small groups such as a bridal party or for an employee appreciation event,” Hailey added.

A special discount is offered to those trying the flotation tank and there are memberships for floating and massage. 

“Our float tank is a big thing and the closest one to us is in Franklin.”

Services are offered seven days a week by appointment only. They include massage, facials, full body waxing, alt garden room, Zen float tank, detox, Yoni steams and an oxygen bar. 

For more information or to make an appointment, call 309-0462, email or find them on Facebook.

Farmers Mutual

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Farmers Mutual: New Location, Same Experienced Service

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Giles County stands ready to serve you for your auto, life, health and commercial insurance needs.

“For over 120 years we have provided protection for homes, farms, buildings of all types and personal property,” agent Wendell Wilburn, a native of southern Middle Tennessee, said.

A company that was chartered in 1900 is more than capable of offering you these products “at very competitive rates,” Wilburn added.

With more than 30 years experience as an insurance industry leader, Wilburn is just the agent for you. He has been providing these services at the Farmers Mutual Agency in Pulaski for 23 years.

“We have provided excellent customer service and prompt claim payment ability,” he said.

Wilburn attended Cornersville High School and went on to graduate from Martin Methodist College. He is not only an instructor at the Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTC) but also the president of the Tennessee Association of Farm Mutuals.

Having before been a sales manager with Liberty National, Wilburn decided to use his talents to better serve those on the local front through the Farmers Mutual Agency.

Wilburn and wife Janey have been married for 42 years and enjoy spending time with their three children and five grandchildren.

You can visit Wilburn via the convenient drive-thru service at their new location, 1029 W. College St. in Pulaski, or walk-ins are welcome as well.

“We have an excellent staff here to help you,” Wilburn added.

Let them see if they can save you money on your insurance coverage by requesting a free quote. Just call 363-1322 or visit Office hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday 9 a.m.-noon.

“We’ve been proud to serve farmers, homeowners and all over the years,” Wilburn said. “We continue to do so with good customer service and the cheapest rates possible we can find.”

Dr. Tesa Jolly

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‘I Love This Town, the People and My Job’

Where better to receive your dental care than from a dentist with an establishment in her hometown of Pulaski who volunteers countless hours and expertise to not only her community but others as well?

That dentist is none other than Dr. Tesa Jolly.

Jolly has been practicing dentistry in her office at 217 W. Jefferson St. for nearly 12 years, and she instituted the town’s first Free Dental Day which has been an annual event for 11 years now.

After finishing dental school, Jolly purchased her office from Dr. Edward Sisk’s estate. Several of Sisk’s team remained and still work there today. 

Jolly and her all-female staff, who also volunteer their services on Free Dental Days, offer a kind hand and gentle touch to patients of every age and, with being mothers themselves, especially children.

“I am a mother of five children, one with special needs. I understand the need for flexibility in scheduling, those with dentistry anxiety and how to help children and parents have positive dental experiences,” Jolly said.

Patients are grateful to Jolly and her team for the exceptional post care follow-up they provide to ensure those patients are doing well.

“We get great patient feedback on our reviews about this,” she said.

According to Jolly, hers is the only office in the area to provide after-hours emergency dentistry and teledentistry services (especially needed during a pandemic). They also offer 3-D X-rays, Botox therapy for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) and other issues and a revolutionary treatment option for the management of tooth decay.

“Silver Diamine Fluoride or SDF is an antimicrobial liquid that is able to treat cavities in a non-invasive, fast, affordable and painless manner,” Jolly asserted.

If you are feeling insecure about visiting a dentist during this time, Jolly instills confidence in her office and team.

“Our COVID protocol is a model for other dental offices,” she said.

Jolly also works with Give Back a Smile, an organization that pairs survivors of domestic and/or sexual abuse who sustained dental trauma from that abuse with a cosmetic dentist who volunteers their time and services to revive their smile.

“We just finished a beautiful woman’s smile a couple of weeks ago,” she said. “She drove two and-a-half hours to get help from our practice.”

Working in her office, Jolly looks out at the The Growing Tree playground and reminisces of the time when she played there as a child.

“I’ve dreamed of being a dentist, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do,” Jolly said. “I love this town, the people and my job.”

In her “homey looking” office that is “lit beautifully with large windows,” she achieves that dream for those in this community and beyond.

“Public health is my passion, and my entire team feels the same way,” Jolly added. “At the end of the day we may be tired, but we are also always thankful for the people we were able to help that day.”

Cozy Cabin

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Cozy Cabin — Something for Every Coffee Lover

Need a warm beverage to ward off the coming Tennessee cold? Look no further than the Cozy Cabin, a delightfully quaint drive-thru coffee shop on the west side of Pulaski. Whether you are in the mood for traditional coffee or something a little more exotic like the popular Campfire Mocha, the Cozy Cabin has something for every coffee lover.

Owner Mary Dubberly, an Oregon native, noticed a lack of drive-thru coffee shops that were ever-present on the west coast. In 2014, she and her husband founded the original Cozy Cabin in Lawrenceburg. 

“We wanted to have just strictly a drive-thru business model and not a ‘come in and sit down’ place, something small where it’s easy for people to get in and out,” Dubberly said. 

The shop’s unique look was directly inspired by famous Tennessean Davy Crockett and the cabin.

Fast-forward to 2020, and the Cozy Cabin has two locations: the original location in Lawrenceburg, which will be celebrating its sixth anniversary Dec. 22, and the Pulaski Cabin, which just celebrated its third anniversary in November. A third location in Columbia is in the works, with hope for construction to begin Spring 2021.

One of the calling cards of the Cozy Cabin customer experience is unmatched customer service. 

“We get to know our customers. We see babies born and grow up. We see people get married, and we feel like we are part of their lives. It’s like one big family,” Dubberly said.

The consistent quality of the customer service is due in large part to very little employee turnover, which generally only occurs when employees move on for career or schooling purposes. One such employee is general manager Alex Rhinehart, who has been with the company for years and is “just awesome,” according to Dubberly.

The Cozy Cabin’s community reach extends beyond supplying southern Tennesseans with delicious coffee. The shop is also an active supporter of Kid’s Place, A Child Advocacy Center, a Lawrenceburg non-profit that supports abused children locally, and has held fund-raiser days for the charity in the past.

Discount events are held throughout the year for many critical community support groups such as first-responders, military, teachers and nurses, an act Dubberly believes is important “because they support us.”

With Christmas just around the corner, the Cozy Cabin supplies a variety of merchandise including gift cards, T-shirts, hats, chocolate-covered coffee beans and new stainless steel cups with Cozy Cabin’s logo.

The Cozy Cabin’s Pulaski location is found at 16616 W. College St. Call them at 347-5044 or find them on Facebook.

Holleys Printing

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Holley’s Printing — We Print Everything But Money

 Holley’s Printing is a full-service commercial printing company with products that fall under a large umbrella of services and take on many forms, fulfilling virtually any printing need you desire.

The company specializes in products such as traditional printing (cards, booklets, manuals, etc.), flexographic printing (labels), wide format printing (banners and signs) and promotional items (T-shirts, cups, etc.).

Holley’s Printing recently supplied colorful artwork for Cornersville’s new KidsVille Playground including wall stickers and signage. Visit Holley's Printing online at


You cannot have a printing service and not be able to provide an essential component — paper products and labeling. The paper printing services provided by the company take the form of many commonly used information platforms such as wedding and graduation invitations, employee or instruction manuals, booklets, pamphlets, folders, posters and more. 

Labeling products can be anything from the company logo on stickers to vehicle decals and have a wide range of uses in commercial or non-commercial settings. Holley’s provides labeling for the food industry such as barcodes, branding and ingredient lists.

Although many imagine paper-type products when thinking about the printing industry, there are countless items outside of this scope that can be accommodated. Promotional items such as lanyards, mugs, notepads, shirts, bottles, bandannas, sunglasses or even a sound-activated LED badge can be customized. 

The majority of products that Holley’s customizes may be found on its website,

Wide-Format Printing

Holley’s provides many projects with its wide-format printer such as indoor or outdoor signage, commercial signage, wallpaper, wall graphics, window clings, decals for vehicles, fund-raising banners, product labeling and many more.

“You don’t really realize how much of this stuff you’re walking by in a store or the mall that is made by wide-format printing,” Hatfield said. “Everything that you see plastered on the walls or displayed in these businesses are all made by a printer like this.”

Local Impact

Holley’s not only impacts the surrounding community through business, they also support students and charities that leave a positive effect on the environment as a whole.

One of the ways the company supports growth is in sponsorships to a wide array of local programs such as Martin Methodist College, Babe Ruth Baseball, Giles County Girl’s Soccer team, various school programs and more. They are also proud to assist in many community events and fund-raisers such as the Rotary pancake breakfast and WKSR radio auction.


Badcock Furniture

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Badcock Home Furniture & More ‘Looks Forward to Serving the Community’

Badcock Home Furniture & More is a nationally known brand.

“Badcock is driven today, just as it was in 1904, by providing customers with the color and style of home furnishings they want, at prices they love, by friendly sales associates, in an atmosphere that allows them to picture the furniture in their own home.”

Pulaski welcomed its own store in February of this year in the previous Fred’s location at 1676 W. College St., across from Wal-Mart. This store is just the latest addition to the roster for owners, Catherine and Andrew Finlayson, who have several stores throughout the Tennessee area. They are looking forward to establishing themselves and the store within the community.

True to the Badcock philosophy, “Our business is a combination of great quality, great pricing and great customer service unmatched in the area,” Branden Pitchford said. “Our sales team has been with us since opening — Vicki, Tasha and Kelly.” 

The store has regular sales and promotions throughout the year.

“Currently, we have our Treat Yourself Sale going on and of course are preparing for the holiday season,” Pitchford said. “We do have a bargain center located in the back of the store where you can find highly discounted merchandise.”

Badcock Home Furniture

& More is open from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday.  

“We look forward to serving the community and appreciate the opportunity to do so,” Pitchford concluded.

Sutton's Family Pharmacy

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‘Where Our Family Takes Care of Yours!’

Husband and wife pharmacists Kelby and Jennie Sutton have a simple and clear philosophy about their business.

“Providing excellent patient care is the main priority here at Sutton Family Pharmacy,” Jennie said. 

The couple opened the business March 9, 2019. 

“Kelby and I have always been passionate about owning our own pharmacy,” Jennie explained.

Both graduated from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and began working and gaining experience in their field — at separate pharmacies. But some day owning and operating their own pharmacy remained their ultimate goal.

Then, an opportunity arose.

“When Fred’s closed in town, with a lot of prayer and faith, we felt the time was absolutely right.”

The location chosen by the couple to call home for their business is familiar to many Giles Countians.

“We joke a lot about it having been a little bit of everything... a grocery/gas store/station: Earl Dunavant’s Handyway, a movie rental shop, a salon where Kelby’s mother actually worked while she was pregnant with him, a liquor store, a restaurant. But whatever it has been, we hope it stays Sutton Family Pharmacy for quite awhile.”

When the pharmacy celebrated its first anniversary in March 2020, it had surpassed the growth the couple expected by that time.

“We continue to grow and stay excited about that but more importantly stay grateful,” Jennie said. “It’s very humbling to watch this business grow. It’s about relationships and taking care of people, we have great patients and customers!”

The closing of Fred’s also led a new team member and friend to their doors.

“We’ve developed an incredible friendship with Krissy Surles. She originally worked for Fred’s for almost 15 years and when she brought her resume to us, we knew she fit Sutton Family Pharmacy.

“Our patients love Krissy, our little ones love her. She is a kind soul, smart, funny, trustworthy, loyal, hardworking... anything you’d want in an employee but more importantly a friend. We’re grateful to her and for her; we couldn’t do it without her.”

A wide range of services and products are available at the pharmacy.

“We provide medication counseling and synchronization among lots of other things — but our patient care definitely sets us apart.”

The pharmacy has a selection of gift items as well as the recent addition of firearms and ammunition.

“Kelby is very knowledgeable and enjoys helping customers find the right fit for any product,” Jennie added. “We also offer drive-thru/delivery/mailing service, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil products, over-the-counter products, vaccinations and more!”

The couple prides themselves on being completely accessible and transparent.

“Our customer service sets us apart. Our slogan is “where our family takes care of yours.” That’s not a bunch of words to sound good. That’s what we feel in our hearts is the most important part of what we’re doing.

“We are so grateful for the unbelievable support of the community since our opening. And we are so grateful to the Lord for these blessings and all of the people, and we hope to continue to grow and provide services to them.

Sutton Family Pharmacy is located at 992 Mill St., Pulaski. They are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon. Call them at 347-5094 or find them on Facebook.

Minor Hil Farm & Home Center

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‘We Live Here Too’

Though the Minor Hill Farm & Home Center is relatively new in it’s current incarnation, the roots of the company run deep in the community. The location has served as a military clothing factory and, in August 2014, was operated as a struggling hardware store when its then-owner was looking for a way out.

As luck would have it, Jimmy Williams and Perry Miller, who were both involved in the building trade elsewhere, were looking to partner in a business of their own. They bought the business and opened the Minor Hill Farm & Home Center. 

“What had begun as a local source for animal feed and nails has evolved into a better version of that, as well as a well-stocked hardware store and outbuilding supply

destination,” explained Toby Bostwick.

Farm and commercial buildings are the highlighted products for the business. 

“Bring us plans and ideas for your dream outbuilding and we’ll do our best to help you initiate a course of action that includes the best pricing we can offer. We offer supplies and advice for the do-it-yourselfer, we can line up trustworthy contractors to provide a ready building, if preferred, or most any variation inbetween those options.”

The store celebrates customers as well as associates, most of which have been with the center since it’s opening. 

“We have a customer appreciation day when the weather turns cooler — though we may have to delay it, depending on what happens with the Covid virus. We have prizes, food and the chance to hob-nob with friends and neighbors. All but one of our associates have been on board since the first day of operation; all are special, loyal and greatly appreciated and the anniversary of every associate’s birth is celebrated.”

“We’re not a remote corporation, we live here too. And for us, charity is continuous, ongoing, personal, often local and definitely not touted lest that recognition be our only reward. We’re here for you, just south of Minor Hill by the park and in the unassuming building just off Wray Branch Road.”

Minor Hill Farm & Home Center is located at 166 Wray Branch Road. Call them at 565-3503 or find them on Facebook.

Farmers Mutual Insurance

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Farmers Mutual Insurance of Giles County:
‘You Name It, We Can Probably Cover It’

Your family depends on your financial support in order to enjoy a secure standard of living. The protection that insurance provides is why it is especially important. It can mean that those who are most important to your life are protected in the event that something unexpected happens to cause financial hardship. 

This is and has always been the mission and vision of Farmers Mutual Insurance of Giles County. 

“Today, we are still based in historic Pulaski, Tenn., and we continue our legacy of bringing highly specialized insurance coverage to our neighbors at a fair price, delivered with personalized customer service,” Agent Wendell Wilburn said. “We opened in 1900 and are a County Mutual, operated by a board of directors.”

A native of southern middle Tennessee, Wilburn has been a leader in the insurance industry for more than 28 years. He knows the area and his customers well and has served the Farmers Mutual Agency in Pulaski for 22 years.

A graduate of Cornersville High School and Martin Methodist College, he rose in the insurance ranks and now serves as the President of the Tennessee Association of Farm Mutuals. He shares his expertise in the field as an instructor at the prestigious Life Underwriter Training Council. 

Wilburn’s wife of 40 years, Janey, serves customers by his side in the agency. The family- and community-oriented couple, enjoy visiting their three children and their five grandchildren in their free time. 

“We have been involved in Relay For Life, Giles County High School sports, Flag Day for Veterans and other community projects,” Wilburn said.

This year, Farmers Mutual Insurance of Giles County will celebrate its 120th anniversary. 

“We are located right off the beautiful Square in downtown Pulaski on West Madison, right next to SunTrust Bank,” Wilburn said. “We have excellent rates and service for all your insurance needs.”

The agency can service every conceivable insurance need. 

“We offer coverage on homes, auto, life, campers, side-by-sides, motorcycles... you name it, we can probably cover it with excellent rates and great service,” Wilburn added.

Farmers Mutual Insurance of Giles County is located at 212 W. Madison St. in Pulaski. You can call them at 363-1322 or visit their website at

Brownlow Body Shop

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Brownlow Body Shop Strives to Help Customers, Community

Go-To business Brownlow Body Shop was first opened in 1987 and was the brainchild of Joe Brownlow. From the start, the shop has served the citizens of Giles County with a high standard of quality in automotive body repairs.

When Brownlow decided to retire, a man with extensive knowledge of auto body work was required to maintain the high standards set by Brownlow. In November 2017, his nephew Jay and wife Kim bought the shop. 

“Joe can still be seen around the shop from time to time,” explained Office Manager Danette Roberts. 

The new owners brought along with them the same extensive knowledge of automobiles and the auto insurance industry. 

“Jay comes from a long family line of car aficionados,” Roberts said. “Professionally, he has 23 years of experience on the insurance side of automobile claims.”

Under the latest ownership, the shop will celebrate its third anniversary in November of this year. As the auto body industry has changed, the shop has made the effort to serve customers and the community by adding services. 

“We have added rental vehicles to the shop for customer convenience,” Roberts said.

Brownlow’s personnel carry the important I-CAR certification. The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is the industry standard for excellence in auto collision repair. As with the auto industry, there is constant change in the repair industry as well. I-CAR provides ongoing training programs to make sure repair technicians, shop owners, automobile manufacturers and even insurers are educated in the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

Customer loyalty is an important part of Brownlow’s philosophy. That same loyalty can be seen in the staff at the shop as well. Roberts, Eric Lovell, Kenneth Thigpen and John Simpkins are all familiar faces to customers.

The sense of community is also strong, and the shop supports several different projects including local sports, schools and local ministries. 

“We strive to help all of our customers in any way we can from educating them on the insurance claims process, repair process and rental cars,” Roberts said. “All of our labor and paint work are warranted as long as you own the vehicle, certain exceptions may apply and we can assist with glass repair, finding replacement parts and vehicle restoration projects.”

Brownlow Body Shop is located at 2842 Minor Hill Highway, Pulaski, or you can reach them at 363-7603.

“If you like us on Facebook, you can participate in fun contests and giveaways,” Roberts said.


Murrey Chevrolet

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The Murreys Carry On Family Tradition of Service

For John and Ed Murrey, Murrey Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is the next chapter in the history of family traditions. A tradition of service to customers and the community that began back in downtown Pulaski in 1930 with their grandfather Erskine Sharp and his automobile sales and repair business. Son-in-law Bill Murrey, father to Ed and John, continued the business, taking it over in 1948.

“We grew up in the automotive business,” Ed Murrey explained. “It’s all we’ve ever done, it’s a family affair.”

When the opportunity to purchase the property that was once the Moon Glo Drive-in arose, Ed and John opened the new location west of town. 

“We opened this location 23 years ago and we celebrated 33 years of business on May 8 of this year,” said Murrey, “we have a very loyal customer base, we have people who have been using our service department and purchasing vehicle from us for all of those 33 years.”

Customer loyalty is not the only aspect of the business that the Murreys are proud of. 

“We have some very loyal employees as well. Doris Hughes has been with us for 33 years and  Jimmy Vernon, our parts manager, for 32 years. Loyalty like that has a lot to do with the success of a business; everyone knows them.

“We’re proud to be locally owned and operated and able to supply our customers, from everywhere, that kind of attention and service and to be able to build those kind of long lasting relationships,” Murrey said. “We are special in that we are the home of the only rental service in the area — Giles County Rent-a-Car — for those times when you might have special transportation needs.”

Community-oriented, Murrey participates as supporters of the Pulaski Exchange Club and local sports teams, including those at both Giles County and Richland high schools. They are also members of the Giles County Chamber.

“One of the services we have provided for a while now is touchless delivery,” Murrey said. “Before the coronavirus, you could go online to see the vehicles we have in stock, shop, click and drive. You never even have to come into the store. We have e-sign and then to your door delivery. If you want to come into the dealership during this time, we are being extra careful and practicing all social distancing guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy.”

Visit Murrey Chevrolet, Buick, GMC at or at their 1500 W. College St. location in Pulaski. For more information, call 363-3555. 

Lane Roofing

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Norma Lane first started her business, Lane Roofing — then known as Team Hill Construction — in the basement of her home in southern Giles County. After witnessing business practices, especially in the case of roofers in the area, Lane saw a real need that her company could fulfill.

“When making the decision to start a roofing company, we saw a need for a licensed roofing company in Giles and surrounding counties and wanted to change the perspective of how a stereotypical ‘roofer’ appeared and conducted business,” Lane said.

Attention to every detail was paid when starting the new business.

“We constructed a business plan and implemented a dress and behavior code,” Lane said. “We immediately contacted big name brands in the industry such as Owens Corning and GAF to begin the certification processes. We learned all we could about products and their warranties to offer the best roofing system in the industry. We started only installing shingle roofs, grew to metal roofs and now offer drywall and plaster repair, interior and exterior painting and financing.”

“We are proud to be an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor,” Lane said, going on to explain, “A roofing company that has succeeded in the roofing industry for three-plus years with no complaints and good financial standing is approached by Owens Corning to represent their company. It’s quite an honor.

“We stay up-to-date with the newest products by attending specific Owens Corning classes, annual asphalt shingle plant tours of the Memphis plant and open door relationship with our sales representatives. That means that through Owens Corning and Service Finance we are able to offer our clients financing for ALL of their home improvement needs, not just roofing. It’s a five minute phone call and approval process, it can all be taken care of on your lunch break!”

The company is community-minded and are supporters of Wolf Gap, local baseball and softball leagues, the Giles County Bobcats and Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center.

The female veteran owned business will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September of this year.

“I am a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force and each November we offer specials on metal and shingle installations,” Lane said. “You’ll find them on our Facebook page and our website at”

With the anniversary approaching, the business shows no signs of slowing down.

“We are continuing to grow our business and now offer financing for all of your home improvement needs, not just roofing,” Lane said.

While the business is now located at 520 N. Locust Avenue in Lawrenceburg, they continue to serve and support Giles County.

Lane is licensed, insured and bonded, and a member of the Better Business Bureau and maintains a high standard with an A+ accreditation from the group. They are members of the Giles and Lawrence county chambers of commerce, the Shoals Home Builders Association and are also a licensed Alabama roofer.

They may be reached at 309-2409.

Pylant Maintenance

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Pylant Maintenance: Family-Owned,
Operated Service to the Community

Pylant Maintenance is celebrating its sixth year in business this year. The business was a family project from the start when Vernon Pylant decided to go into business for themselves.

“I have 35 years of experience in the HVAC business and made the decision to stop working for someone else,” Pylant explained. “If you don’t stick your neck out and take a risk, you’ll never get anywhere.”

Until the business got on its feet, wife Sandi worked alongside Pylant to get it up and running, while working another full-time job.

“She works with me full-time now and it’s been that way for five of our six years in business.”

Recently, son Jay has joined the business as one of the technicians.

“Jay graduated from TCAT with his degree in HVAC and gets requested by name with our customers,” Pylant said. “He is a fine, Christian young man who goes on mission trips with the church and does a great job for the business. He has tagged along with me since he was old enough to, learning things and helping along the way.”

Pylant has seen a lot of growth over the past six years.

“It was just pretty much me in the beginning, then we quickly took on two technicians and then two more. Then there were six and now we have 10 employees, including two members of our office staff.”

Located at 401 N. First St. in Pulaski, the building turns out to be the perfect location.

“We were lucky that when another HVAC company’s owners retired, we were able to move into their building; it was a perfect fit.”

Pylant Maintenance installs and maintain both commercial and residential units. The business became an official Trane dealership last year. They feature Trane ductless units with technicians specifically trained in their installation and maintenance.

They also carry Remi Halo air purifying units designed to make the air quality in your home better.

“The systems purify and improve the air in your house, helping with allergies, germs and bacteria keeping your family healthier.”

Aside from wife Sandi, Jamie Kimbrough and Tyler Kimbrough have been a part of the business from the start. They, along with son Jay, have been a big help to the business.

“These guys have been loyal employees and I’ve always been able to count on them.”

An active part of the community as well, the company has great respect for their clients and for our servicemen and women.

“We have a lot of respect for veterans and we donate bicycles annually to the Toys for Tots program and participate in an annual Memorial Motorcycle Run,” Pylant said. “We sometime donate units to clients who are in financial need, helping to meet their heating and cooling needs.

“We are all about service to our customers and to the community.”

You can reach Pylant Maintenance at 931-447-8752 or chat live on their Facebook page.

Milky Way Farm

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‘Milky Way Farm Is a Great Place for Memories’

There is quite possibly no other landmark in Giles County with as much mythos surrounding it as Milky Way Farm. Its effects on the citizenry of Giles County in the first half of the 20th century were far reaching and that has made for almost as many stories about the farm and the Mars family as there are residents of Giles County. Though the farm has changed owners several times, there is to this day a sense of ownership on behalf of the citizens of the county towards it.

Candy magnate Frank Mars and wife Ethel came to Giles County at the invitation of a Mars candy bar box manufacturer, Eric Schuller and his wife, a hometown girl and daughter of Sen. Brown. The Mars’ visited the county in 1920 and fell in love with the beauty of the area; as they say, the rest is a long and illustrious history. Never meant to be a permanent home, a hunt lodge was soon erected. Ethel, deeply involved in the horse world, made the location a home-away-from-home and a place to entertain like-minded friends on weekends and holidays.

“When my father and I first looked at Milky Way Farm, we thought we really have no business purchasing it,” Lynn Golden said. “At over 1,100 acres, it was too big a project, but then we walked the hillside, watched a sunset from the back hill, read the history — the stories of how one person made a difference.”

The farm made a tremendous difference in the lives of Giles Countians during the depression era years. When construction began on the property and its facilities, there were approximately 1,200 locals employed in various positions — 984 working directly for Milky Way and the remainder as sub-contractors.

Golden and her father reached out to the community for information on the history of the farm.

“Ten years ago, we had an open house for anyone that ever worked or had a relative work on the farm, and 350 people came and told stories,” Golden recalled. “Stories of how their family built Milky Way Farm and all the treasures of it.

“We promised to do our best to not look at all that needed to be done but celebrate what we could do to make it a little better each day. It is such an honor to help protect such a beautiful piece of Tennessee history.”

The Goldens are looking forward to making memories with future generations of Giles County.

“Milky Way Farm is a great place for memories — whether it is a wedding, a group lunch and tour, a corporate meeting, a family outing or a holiday tradition. It is a place to reflect and enjoy the outdoors and the architecture of years past. We love outdoor events — Easter egg hunts, hayrides, music and trail runs — and hope to continually do more each season. We love events in the historic Manor House and barns.”

With an eye toward sustainability, the farm is still a working one.

“Today, the main crops are corn and hay,” Golden explained. “We have sheep, horses and donkeys. We have blackberries and are beginning to grow other items to make soaps and lotions. Country breakfast and barn tours are some of our favorite days when a group gathers and friendships are made.

“We are excited about the upgrades to the Show Barn for large events. Knowing that a wedding and reception or festival can be outside or moved inside if needed is a nice option. We still work by reservations, so that we don’t overlap with a private event.”

Upcoming events include:

• The annual Easter Egg Hunt is set for Sunday, April 5, from 1-4 p.m. There is a fee of $12 per guest over age 2 that covers the hunt, snacks and activities. Reservations can be made at, by calling or texting 931-808-2281 or through the website or Facebook page.

• Trail Run — Mud Girl is set for Saturday, May 16. Reservations may be made at

All other upcoming activities are listed on Facebook and the event calendar at


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Let Staffmark Help You Fill Open Positions

Where and how do you get employees in a market that is as tight as it is these days? Your local Staffmark office might help you to answer that question. In fact, Staffmark in Pulaski has been helping employers to fill open positions since the mid-90s.

“We opened our doors in Pulaski in the mid-1990s on Mill Street,” Branch Manager Heather White said.

The vision of Staffmark and all its branches is to be a great partner and its mission is to deliver solutions that will contribute to their customers,’ employees’ and company’s goals. Their belief is that a company, like an individual, needs to have a clear set of core values: empowerment — creating autonomy through business practices; accountability — being accountable for actions, intent and results; integrity — doing things right; passionate performance — loving what you do and letting it show.

“Staffmark wants to be a great partner to our customers, our employees and the communities we serve and we try hard to understand the unique needs of every person and business we connect with,” White explained.

“Staffmark, formerly CBS Personnel Service, was founded with offices in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana in 1970,” she said. “In 1998, we became Staffmark. In 2011, Staffmark became part of Recruit, one of the largest HR companies in the world. All offices are aligned under the Staffmark brand.”

In recognition of their outstanding customer service, Staffmark was awarded the Best in Staffing Award for both Clients and Talent.

“Less than 2 percent of all staffing companies in North America earn the Best of Staffing title, which is based on customers and talent rating you a 9 or 10 out of 10 for outstanding service,” White added. “In addition, Staffmark earned the coveted Diamond Award for receiving the Best of Staffing Client Award for seven years in a row.”

While the company has seen changes over the last few years, they have maintained a staff of three loyal employees currently in the Pulaski Branch.

“Staffmark is proud of the service we offer and is committed to ensuring that all of our customers and employees receive Best of Staffing service,” White said. “We focus on customer service as well as employee appreciation and we take pride in our customer service and our employees — we want them to know they are appreciated.”

The office is currently located at 1197 W. College St., Pulaski, in a building that has served several purposes.

“This office has been many things over the last 30-plus years,” White said. “To my knowledge, it’s been an auto repair shop, auto sales, a medical clinic and a bank. Now it houses us and we specialize in hiring for the manufacturing, distribution and clerical industries.”

Let Staffmark help you; give them a call at 424-0033 or visit their Pulaski location.

Patriot Market and Cafe

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Patriot Market and Café: Veterans Make Meals for Many

Patriot Market and Café was the brainchild of Elaina and Joseph Gill. The dream of a restaurant became a reality in January 2019 when they opened just off the Pulaski Square. 

“Both of us are veterans and we decided to open the café as a representation of our great country,” Gill explained. “I always have had the dream of opening my own restaurant and in the fall of 2018 after my husband retired from the military, we settled in Pulaski and it was finally something that we could do.

“Joseph and I have traveled the great USA and the world throughout our army careers. Being a self-trained chef, I love the variety of great food that different geographical locations provide,” Gill said. “I taught myself how to cook everything I enjoyed so I could hold the good memory of that location and I love having the opportunity to share that with everyone.” 

Gill notes her dreams would not have come to fruition if not for her family.

“The first time my husband brought me to the Giles County area, I felt like I was home, and we promised each other when he retired we would move back here. We and our five children moved in June of 2018; you will see them here from time to time since for the most part they are my crew, along with my cousin-in-law Linda and her kids. And there are others who I have adopted along the way.”

During their first year of business the Café decided to make a move to its current location at 426 N. Second St. in Pulaski.

“The new location used to be the bus station for Pulaski and then a restaurant,” Gill said. “We’ll celebrate our first anniversary of business in January, 2020.” 

The Gills strive to give back to the community. They support several local charities including many veterans organizations and others such as The Pouring Spot, Giles County Animal Shelter and Mommas, Munchkins and Milk. They also offer, as you might imagine, a veteran’s discount as well as one for first responders.

“Military veterans, first responders, teachers and senior citizens get a 15 percent discount every day and any military or first responders on duty get free drinks anytime,” Gill said. 

There are some specialty items that the restaurant will prepare. 

“We do custom orders any time and many in the area don’t know we will do lettuce wraps and have several vegetarian options,” Gill added.

The restaurant is family-based and everyone who comes in is treated like family as well. You may place phone orders at 931-292-6444.

Their hours are Sunday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; closed on Monday; Tuesday-Friday, 6 a.m.-2 p.m.; and Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Dr. Tesa

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Dr. Tesa Jolly Receives Humanitarian Award

The Lucy Hobbs Project, in partnership with Cameo Dental Specialists, celebrated six outstanding women in dentistry Oct. 3-5 in Chicago.

Among them was Giles County’s own Dr. Tesa Jolly, DDS, who received the Humanitarian Award for her dedication to her community with the creation and continuation of the annual Free Dental Day in Pulaski. 

Held each November, Free Dental Day brings together hundreds of volunteers to provide a free dental service — a white filling on a front tooth, tooth extraction or cleaning — to anyone healthy enough for dental work. 

Now in its 11th year, Free Dental Day has provided free services to more than 3,000 people over the past decade. 

The 11th annual Free Dental Day will be Friday, Nov. 22. Registration begins at 6 a.m. at the CB Outreach Building, 511 S. First St., Pulaski. 

For more information or to volunteer, search for Pulaski, TN Free Dental Day on Facebook.

Awards Celebration

Benco Dental’s seventh annual celebration is named in tribute to Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor, the first American female to earn a degree in dentistry. 

“Each year, The Lucy Hobbs Project celebrates women’s achievements in dentistry,” said Rachel Pugh, branding and communications manager for Benco Dental. “Our goal is to gather leaders in the profession to discuss relevant issues and overall well being. We

want our guests to leave feeling uplifted, knowing they’ve gained insight to benefit their dental practices and


Three days of events, with a focus on Mind+Body+Soul, included panel discussions, three Continuing Education credits and opportunities to give back, while inviting the project’s members — and all women in dentistry — to “Achieve Your Personal Best Balance, at Home & Work.”  

Powered by Benco Dental and 10,000 members strong, The Lucy Hobbs Project encourages dental professionals to become part of the movement that is changing the face of dentistry through networking, innovation and giving back

In 1866, Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor became the first American female to earn a degree in dentistry. This national project aims to bring women together from all facets of the dental profession — dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists, sales representatives and others.

Second Street Coffee House

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Second Street Coffee House

Most of us can’t start the day without something to awaken the mind and the spirit. Second Street Coffee House has both in the form of a freshly brewed cup of coffee served from a staff who knows its customers and creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for them.

“We pride ourselves in making relationships with all of our customers,” said owner Katy Kaufman. “We know the regulars by name and do our best to make everyone feel welcome and at home when they come to the shop.

Macy and I were regulars at the coffee house when it was under Buckhead management from the time it first opened on the Square in 2015,” Kaufman explained of herself and business partner Macy Crye. “Macy later became an employee under the previous management and I still showed up every day for coffee.”

The two were longtime best friends and had a dream of running their own coffee house. When the opportunity presented itself in early 2019, they decided to go for it. They opened shortly after Memorial Day at the same location, newly christened as Second Street Coffee House.

The owners are focused on making their business a success and doing that through involvement in the community.

“We have been trying to involve ourselves in the community more with events like our monthly open mic nights and as members of the Giles County Chamber of Tourism and Commerce,” Kaufman said. “We are also planning on hosting an event this month to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness in honor of Markaus Willis and donating that in his name.”

The third member of the team is Annslee Swann.

“Annslee is a full-time senior at Martin Methodist College and a member of the MMC soccer team,” Kaufman said. “She is very hardworking and on her off days you can see her doing her homework at the shop.”

The shop has a breakfast and lunch menu that includes weekly waffle and Panini specials. For teas drinkers, they have a selection served daily, hot or cold. There are also seasonal flavors included on the menu. You may enjoy your orders inside or al fresco at a bistro table on the sidewalk.

The business promotes being environmentally friendly with a discount.

“We have our ongoing discounts for anyone who brings in reusable mugs or travel mugs for their drinks,” Kaufman explained. “Our Earth Heroes discount is 10 percent off any beverage.”

The shop’s next monthly Open Mic Night will be held Saturday, Oct. 12.

“On open mic nights we close at 5 p.m. and then re-open at 7 p.m.,” Crye explained. “The entertainment includes spoken word, comedy and musicians.”

Second Street Coffee House is located just off the west side of the Pulaski Square at 102 S. Second St. It is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

“We are all inclusive and love everyone,” Kaufman said. “We are a safe space for anyone who needs it.”

We're always interested in hearing about news in our community. Let us know what's going on!