Pylant Maintenance: Family-Owned,
Operated Service to the Community

Pylant Maintenance is celebrating its sixth year in business this year. The business was a family project from the start when Vernon Pylant decided to go into business for themselves.

Pylant Maintenance

“I have 35 years of experience in the HVAC business and made the decision to stop working for someone else,” Pylant explained. “If you don’t stick your neck out and take a risk, you’ll never get anywhere.”

Until the business got on its feet, wife Sandi worked alongside Pylant to get it up and running, while working another full-time job.

“She works with me full-time now and it’s been that way for five of our six years in business.”

Recently, son Jay has joined the business as one of the technicians.

“Jay graduated from TCAT with his degree in HVAC and gets requested by name with our customers,” Pylant said. “He is a fine, Christian young man who goes on mission trips with the church and does a great job for the business. He has tagged along with me since he was old enough to, learning things and helping along the way.”

Pylant has seen a lot of growth over the past six years.

“It was just pretty much me in the beginning, then we quickly took on two technicians and then two more. Then there were six and now we have 10 employees, including two members of our office staff.”

Located at 401 N. First St. in Pulaski, the building turns out to be the perfect location.

“We were lucky that when another HVAC company’s owners retired, we were able to move into their building; it was a perfect fit.”

Pylant Maintenance installs and maintain both commercial and residential units. The business became an official Trane dealership last year. They feature Trane ductless units with technicians specifically trained in their installation and maintenance.

They also carry Remi Halo air purifying units designed to make the air quality in your home better.

“The systems purify and improve the air in your house, helping with allergies, germs and bacteria keeping your family healthier.”

Aside from wife Sandi, Jamie Kimbrough and Tyler Kimbrough have been a part of the business from the start. They, along with son Jay, have been a big help to the business.

“These guys have been loyal employees and I’ve always been able to count on them.”

An active part of the community as well, the company has great respect for their clients and for our servicemen and women.

“We have a lot of respect for veterans and we donate bicycles annually to the Toys for Tots program and participate in an annual Memorial Motorcycle Run,” Pylant said. “We sometime donate units to clients who are in financial need, helping to meet their heating and cooling needs.

“We are all about service to our customers and to the community.”

You can reach Pylant Maintenance at 931-447-8752 or chat live on their Facebook page.

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