‘Where Our Family Takes Care of Yours!’

Husband and wife pharmacists Kelby and Jennie Sutton have a simple and clear philosophy about their business.


“Providing excellent patient care is the main priority here at Sutton Family Pharmacy,” Jennie said. 

The couple opened the business March 9, 2019. 

“Kelby and I have always been passionate about owning our own pharmacy,” Jennie explained.

Both graduated from Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and began working and gaining experience in their field — at separate pharmacies. But some day owning and operating their own pharmacy remained their ultimate goal.

Then, an opportunity arose.

“When Fred’s closed in town, with a lot of prayer and faith, we felt the time was absolutely right.”

The location chosen by the couple to call home for their business is familiar to many Giles Countians.

“We joke a lot about it having been a little bit of everything... a grocery/gas store/station: Earl Dunavant’s Handyway, a movie rental shop, a salon where Kelby’s mother actually worked while she was pregnant with him, a liquor store, a restaurant. But whatever it has been, we hope it stays Sutton Family Pharmacy for quite awhile.”

When the pharmacy celebrated its first anniversary in March 2020, it had surpassed the growth the couple expected by that time.

“We continue to grow and stay excited about that but more importantly stay grateful,” Jennie said. “It’s very humbling to watch this business grow. It’s about relationships and taking care of people, we have great patients and customers!”

The closing of Fred’s also led a new team member and friend to their doors.

“We’ve developed an incredible friendship with Krissy Surles. She originally worked for Fred’s for almost 15 years and when she brought her resume to us, we knew she fit Sutton Family Pharmacy.

“Our patients love Krissy, our little ones love her. She is a kind soul, smart, funny, trustworthy, loyal, hardworking... anything you’d want in an employee but more importantly a friend. We’re grateful to her and for her; we couldn’t do it without her.”

A wide range of services and products are available at the pharmacy.

“We provide medication counseling and synchronization among lots of other things — but our patient care definitely sets us apart.”

The pharmacy has a selection of gift items as well as the recent addition of firearms and ammunition.

“Kelby is very knowledgeable and enjoys helping customers find the right fit for any product,” Jennie added. “We also offer drive-thru/delivery/mailing service, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil products, over-the-counter products, vaccinations and more!”

The couple prides themselves on being completely accessible and transparent.

“Our customer service sets us apart. Our slogan is “where our family takes care of yours.” That’s not a bunch of words to sound good. That’s what we feel in our hearts is the most important part of what we’re doing.

“We are so grateful for the unbelievable support of the community since our opening. And we are so grateful to the Lord for these blessings and all of the people, and we hope to continue to grow and provide services to them.

Sutton Family Pharmacy is located at 992 Mill St., Pulaski. They are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon. Call them at 347-5094 or find them on Facebook.

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