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The Annual Free Dental Day (FDD) was another huge success.

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Dr. Tesa Jolly

This year marked 13 anniversaries of the dream Dr. Tesa Jolly had when she returned to Pulaski and began her dental practice of “giving back” to the community she loves. Over the years, the buy-in and community involvement has grown and the blessing of FDD is an annual catalyst to the holiday season.

The last four years have seen FDD partner with CB Outreach and the group of churches who support the ministry provided by local and visiting dental professionals.

“We have the privilege of providing hospitality for this incredible community service,” Pastor and current CB Outreach Chairman Ricky Keith said. “We provide space and volunteers to make the experience for each guest as comfortable as possible.”

The churches and their volunteers provide food and drinks for the service providers and waiting guests, help with registration and non-dental tasks throughout the day along with setup and clean-up.

But the real stars are the incredible group of dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, dental assistants and students who provide thousands of dollars of free services to our community.

“The value is immeasurable because the need is so great,” Keith said. “So many of our guests would struggle to afford the care they need and this makes a way for the burden to be lifted just before Thanksgiving.”

To see these folks show up with a heart to serve is something to behold. The day is full of laughs and smiles and hugs, and to see pain and fear replaced by relief and thankfulness makes it all worth it.

Dr. Tesa’s practice along with Pulaski Dental also provided hygiene services out of their offices and a partnership with Hope Smiles and the equipment they provide allowed upwards of 200 people to be served throughout the course of the day.

Plans for next year’s Free Dental Day on the third Friday of November are already under way!


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