Fusion Event 2022

Another event to add to your calendar Saturday, Oct. 29, is the Pulaski Recreation Center’s 10th Annual Fusion event that will feature music, food, vendors and fun.

“The event will take place rain or shine,” Pulaski Parks Program Coordinator Darlene Slinger said. “If the rain doesn’t look like it is going to stay away, we will move into the Rec Center.”

The “Fire-Branded” event is geared toward tweens, teens and young adults, will offer free admission, begin at noon and last until dark.

You are invited to come by Sharewood Park before or after you trick-or-treat on the Square (which begins at 3 p.m.).

“We chose this weekend because with the trick-or-treating happening on the Square for the littles and their families, we could not think of a better way to advantageously show that our community has something for everyone, especially the youth and young adult population that it is our goal to reach,” Slinger said.

“The whole purpose behind it was to get the community to come out and show the teens, ‘hey we are hiring, this is where you can apply for a job,’” Slinger said. “Or if a church has a ministry to where they show them how to change a tire, or if there are skills and things like that, that they are willing to share with a younger generation.”

She said the event is also for college students who may be looking for a support group, a career in ministry or information on other organizations as well.

“We can build everything like physical buildings, structures and things like that, but until we are willing to establish mentorship programs for the youth that we have now, then we are not really building the leaders of tomorrow, we are just giving them a place to leave,” Slinger said.

Vendors are encouraged to pre-register for free until Friday, Oct. 28, at noon and to give away candy or treats at their booths.

“We welcome vendors of all kinds, employers who hire teens and young adults, local support groups, civic groups, churches and ministries and whomever has activities within our community for these age groups to come out and tell them what is here and welcome them to be a part,” Slinger said. “Any sports organization or team looking to raise money, take sign-ups or who just wants to invest a little time and energy into our next generation is invited as well.”

Individuals who would like to participate by decorating a spot and giving out treats to the older crowd are also welcome to join in the festivities.

“We will have food booths and trucks, give-aways, games and activities, speakers and some amazing music,” Slinger concluded.

For more information, call 638-5730.

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