The 12th Annual Pulaski Lions Club Southern Lawn, Garden and Home Show will be just as exciting and informative as shows in the past, but with a twist. The event will be virtual due to COVID-19.

“We want to be sure that everyone is safe and follow COVID-19 protocols,” Giles Extension Director Kevin Rose explained. “We’ll have plenty of speakers on plenty of topics of interest for the community and we’ll have something virtual every day.

“This year, vendors and sponsors will get a two-for-one deal for their participation in the show. They will be featured through social media and the sponsorships and will carry over to next year’s show for what we hope will be a face-to-face show at that point.

“We have never done a virtual event before, so it’s a learning experience,” Committee Chair and Extension Agent Darby Payne Allday said. “We have always been about supporting our local people and we want to showcase them and to remind people that they are around and still having wonderful products and services available. We want the best for all involved so we have gone virtual.”

The virtual events will be held throughout the week online at, and on social media at Pulaski Lions Club-Southern Lawn, Garden and Home Show on Facebook, Southern Home & Garden Show on Twitter and shomeandgardenshow on Instagram. To serve vendors and the community, video ads will be shown during the weeks before, during and after, up until the 2022 show.

The virtual aspects of the show will have something for everyone and take place live through Zoom and on Facebook. Local presenters will include Rose, Allday and local community supporter and bee advocate and specialist Benny Birdsong. They will include presentations on vegetable gardening, bees and landscape design.

Other informational videos and presentations on Facebook planned for the week will be herbs — particularly thyme, mint, basil and rosemary; advice on home energy savings; and popular plants to consider for your yard and/or garden. Pesticide safety will be covered as well as scroll sawing.

“We will continue to promote all of our vendors and we hope to have video interviews with them throughout the year on our pages,” Allday added. “We want to promote them the best we can and we will post anything and everything online.”

The schedule is evolving and will be kept up-to-date online. Visit for the latest information as well as a complete list of vendors and contact information.

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