[DANTI-TORIAL: As I sit here before my old computer, my insides are in a knot. I hope it’s not the turkey and cheese roll-ups I had for lunch.

Fact is, I’ve had a for-real run-in with MANAGEMENT about something I submitted for publication.

It concerned the death of a man that I, (and others) disliked tremendously.

It was deemed “in poor taste.” So that portion of the original of this installment was deleted. I still disagree with the decision.

Some would yell “CENSORSHIP!” I will not as I do not believe it was so. It was a business decision. A decision That Lady Editor and her boss the PUBLISHER had a right to make. They don’t own the newspaper but are answerable to those who do. AND they are answerable to those who keep the newspaper solvent — their advertisers. Without their advertisers, they couldn’t pay ME.]     

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A CITIZEN front-page story (June 24), details the “conversation” had between members of Pulaski’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen concerning the removal of the SAM DAVIS MONUMENT from the Square.

One alderman said, “Take it to a location where it’s going to be a historical setting...”

Come October, this monument has stood in the same place for ONE CENTURY and 14 years. That’s MORE than one-half the time Giles County has been in existence (1809-2020).   

To complete the above quote: “...but get it off the public property.”

The only place I’ve heard suggested as a new site for the SAM DAVIS MONUMENT is near the lot (on SAM DAVIS AVENUE, so named ONE CENTURY and 22 years ago this November) where Private Davis was executed Nov. 27, 1863.

This property was purchased by the State of Tennessee in August 1941.

The SAM DAVIS MEMORIAL was dedicated Nov. 27, 1950 (paid for with a State appropriation).

The State owns the vacant lot north of the MEMORIAL. The Giles County Historical Society contributed toward the purchase price.

These monuments fall under the provisions of the “TENNESSEE HERITAGE PROTECTION ACT of 2013” signed by Gov. Bill Haslam, April 18, 2013.

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With these FACTS added to the mix, I would like to change the “conversation” and ask (again) the question posed in the title of this installment, “ So, IS There a Plan...?”

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[DISCLAIMER: The following is not directed toward ANY local group.]

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Anarchists are at work across our country.

Tennessee’s State Capital has been assaulted.

That’s not even a hundred miles from Giles County’s northern border.

COULD WE be a target, too?


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Giles County is a big place.

So, IS There a Plan...: to keep our County and its people safe?

So, IS There a Plan...: to keep our business houses and churches from being burned and/or looted?

So, IS There a Plan...: to keep our citizens from being murdered in our own streets by out-of-state thugs?

So, IS There a Plan...: to keep our monuments, markers, memorials, safe from vandals?

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I’m confident that the various departments of local law enforcement communicate and assist each other on a regular basis; but in an emergency, who has the final say as to where they will be deployed and when?

Has anyone talked to the Governor about keeping our National Guard on alert, JUST IN CASE?

How about an article or two in THIS newspaper concerning a citizen’s right to defend themselves AND their property?

How do these rights apply to store owners on the Square in Pulaski?

In Lynnville?

Minor Hill?



In all our unincorporated areas?

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There is a famous organization that has visited our county seat several times through the years.

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[DAN-NOTE: MANAGEMENT said you would know who they were without me telling you.]

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When this group showed up about 30 years ago or so, they were met by MANY members of State and local law enforcement prepared to defend our County Seat; JUST IN CASE.

One (since retired) local police officer who helped coordinate those preparations is still here. Anyone asked for his thoughts? Might be worth a phone call.




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