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COMMODORE-ism: “Sometimes don’t you wish that THEY would just shut the h-ll up!"

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Before beginning my usual Award-Winning foolishness, I want to pause a moment to remember Bob Wamble.  

The last time I saw Bob was March 5. He’d asked me to stop by his house and pick up a book called, “TENNESSEE REB: Sam Mitchell and the Third Tennessee Infantry.” The book was “Compiled and edited by Don Sides with Bob Wamble, senior historian, Giles County, Tennessee.” Bob wanted me to read the book and talk about it in the newspaper.

He also showed me his “pantry” of historical collectibles he’d amassed and even shared a few with me before I left. This was not the first and only time Bob had shared with me.

Some of the historical stories served up here have been flavored with a Bob Wamble ingredient or two.

A few days later (via email) I told him I was about half way through the book and that I wasn’t giving it back. He told me to keep it. “It is one-of-five pre-production copies, a true first edition.”

Our last communication involved an online auction and finding ourselves bidding for the same Sam Davis-related item. He emailed and asked me about it. I told him: “I will stop bidding and hope you are the winner. Besides, you’re gonna give all your Sam Davis stuff to me soon anyway. So I can wait a while.”  

Guess I’ll have to wait longer than I thought.

Rest easy, Bob; and, THANKS!

We’ll be along bye-and-bye.

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I’m proud to report that there’s nothing “NEW” or “NORMAL” at the Award-Winning and (briefly) Syndicated THE DANTICLEER..

For those still keeping score, this is Installment 275; which means I’ve reached my latest stated goal.

“I’m just so proud to be here.”

Thank you for being here with me.

I’m too tired to set another long-range goal so I’ll dial it down to “One Week at a Time.” (Kinda sounds like a song title, doesn’t it?)

And that works for me.

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My last trip to the dentist, we flipped a coin to decide who wears the mask.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but for those stuck at home, make the effort to rewind your DVD collection now. Then when you’re stuck inside because of cold weather, they’ll be ready for your viewing pleasure.

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Please excuse the dust. My CHATEAU NORTH “writing studio” is being remodeled. We’ve needed to do it for a while. The hope is to create enough space to house the entire THE DANTICLEER archives.


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Sign at the construction site of a new nudist colony:

“Opening Soon!


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I told you last time that my associate Irving Berlin Fowler (a.k.a. THE ROOSTER) has rejoined our “flock.” He is spending the next couple of weeks “COOPED UP” as they call “quarantine” in chicken-dom.

And “quarantine” in chicken-dom usually means “drying out.”

He was introduced to his revered “Fine Tennessee Whisky” late in life, and at first was able to control his intake.

But then came THE DANTICLEER fame and glory and money and temptations he could never have imagined. And his “Fine Tennessee Whisky” greased the gears of his personal “Ferris Wheel of Woe.”

I witnessed it all.

I wanted to help.

But what could I do?

How could I compete with all that?

The truth is that I couldn’t.

But my hope is that THIS time of ALL times will be his proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” And that he can get the REAL help he so desperately needs.

And I’m confident that he will gladly share his story in hopes that it will be a lesson and inspiration to PERSONS-OF-FEATHER around the globe.

When Irving was delivered to us this time, he was mumbling incoherently. Yet when he saw me through the chicken-wire he said, “Please jot this down for me. It could be important.”

He said: “If you don’t take the first one, there won’t be a second.”©

Sagacious words from one who’s been there.

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