“Always there when you need her.” “Will help with anything.” “Drops everything to help out.”  These are all phrases associated with Citizen Carla May. Not only is she there for her human friends, but she is also there for the furry, four-legged ones as well.

“Carla has been a Godsend to me since the world changed with Covid-19,” friend Marcy Smith explained. “I live alone and am at high risk for the virus and can’t get out to do everyday activities like I used to. Carla has done my grocery shopping, brought food to me to eat and brought food for and fed my dogs as well, every couple of days. I don’t know what I would do without her help.”

The ladies met through the Giles County Humane Association in 2008, while May was serving as Secretary. They became fast friends over their mutual love of animals.

“Carla did a little bit of everything, from transporting animals to fostering to helping with adoptions,” Smith said. “You name it, she did it. She kind of took me under her wing as well.

“I don’t know how she does it. She works from home all hours of the day and night and she and her husband own a business in town that she helps with as well. She is truly there anytime I need her. In fact, the other day she was getting ready to leave town on a trip and my freezer went out. She was the first person I thought to call to see if she had a cooler I could borrow; she dropped everything and brought me a cooler and a couple of bags of ice and I was able to save the food in the freezer.”

No matter how busy, May always takes the time to help an animal in need as well.

“Just last week on a visit, she saw a dog as she left and took the time to catch it and have it vetted for rescue.”

Friend Ann Farr echoed Smith’s descriptions, noting May’s dedication to friends and animals alike.

“Carla is the most giving, caring person I have ever come in contact with,” Farr said. “She is one of the most trustworthy as well. She is kind-hearted toward animals, helping often with her own funds. She is the kind of person who drops what she’s doing whenever you need her.”

May has become like family to Smith, who loves her dearly.

“Carla is a true friend with a wonderful smile, who is giving, friendly and funny,” Smith said. “I just love her to death, she’s like my third daughter.”

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