CS-Carrie Hood

Elkton School Bookkeeper Carrie Hood has expanded her duties to include an entirely new meaning of her title and responsibilities.

While Hood has only been working for the school for the past five years, her dedication and giving ways have already made an impression on those who work with her. One of the most recent manifestations of that impact came when Hood participated after school hours and on weekends in the erection of a Little Free Library outside of Elkton School.

“Carrie and her family worked hard on a design and built this for the community,” Elkton School teacher Kelley Deason said. “Carrie is a bookkeeper, parent and huge supporter of Elkton School.

“She did this so our children and community would have books available during this time when so many things have been restricted.”

Hood not only formulated the idea and aided in the free library’s construction, but she also helps supply the books for it as well.

Registered with the Little Free Library organization, “it will be located on maps, etc. for others to find and enjoy the books she has collected through her weekend ‘Goodwill’ hunting,” Deason acknowledged. “She loves placing books in it to keep a fresh supply.”

Married to husband of 18 years Stephen Hood, the couple have four children — Grace, Abigail, Zach and Katherine. Before working at the school, Hood served on the PTO with an interest in her children’s education and the school not just they, but herself as well, attended.

“Carrie Hood tells us all the time, ‘I am just the bookkeeper,’ but she is much more than a bookkeeper to the staff and students of Elkton School,” Principal Carol Abernathy said. “She is a wonderful bookkeeper, as well as a compassionate listener, a fixer of numerous problems and an encourager with her beautiful smile.”

Hood enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her family while also inspiring others to find a good book.

“Carrie is always going outside her duties to help others in the school,” Deason said, adding that Hood uses her personal time to assist others.

Upon hearing how much sixth grader Danika Grenko enjoyed the book “Everything, Everything,” Hood reached out to the student’s mother and told her she could keep the book.

“That’s Carrie,” Deason asserted. “Always going the extra mile.”

Hood is a graduate of Giles County High School who earned her associates degree in business through Calhoun Community College and now gives back to the community she grew up in.

“Ms. Carrie offers students, parents and staff help throughout the day and sometimes evenings,” Abernathy concluded. “Elkton School appreciates Ms. Carrie sharing her gifts with us each day.”

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