CS-Dede Coleman

Loving daughter Dede Coleman does her best to brighten her mother’s day, despite the constraints of COVID-19.   Submitted

Honor thy Father and thy Mother is what is commanded in the Old Testament. Citizen Dede Coleman learned this commandment at an early age from her own mother and, in stressful times and in a creative way, practices it on a daily basis.

Nominator Peggy Beasley witnessed Coleman in action from her home.

“I noticed a woman across the street from my house, at NHC,” Beasley said. “She was there two or three times a day at one of the windows, standing on a milk crate. Sometimes she was there by herself, sometimes with a man (her husband) or a younger man (her son).”

Beasley suspected that she was visiting someone through the window.

“I decided to go across the street to introduce myself and I was right, she was visiting with her mother. It brought tears to my eyes to know what she was doing.

“I immediately went back to a time when my own mother was a resident in NHC and how difficult it would have been for us during that time not to be able to visit with her and keep those close family ties.

“I was so touched by what she was doing, it was such a blessing to me to know it,” Beasley added. “I looked out the other day and saw her there with balloons and signs, it must have been her birthday.”

Coleman’s mother Lula became a longtime resident after a debilitating aneurysm 10 years ago almost took her life.

“It was a real miracle that momma survived the aneurysm,” Coleman explained. “We were so happy to still have her in our lives; we celebrated her 87th birthday just this past Wednesday. We are in such difficult times right now, and I can’t imagine being without my mother, none of the family can. We are so lucky to have access to a window where we can see her, check on her and know that she is alright. Other people may not be as lucky.”

After meeting, Beasley and Coleman have become fast friends.

“It is such a blessing to me to know that I can look out my window and see her there and knowing that she is making such an effort to honor her mother on a daily basis,” Beasley said. “There are so many who are left without access to close family members due to the virus and some of them are at a loss as to what to do. Dede has come up with a creative way to be close to her mother.”

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