Glen Newton HG Donation

Citizen Glen Newton (right) presents a donation to Giles County Honor Guard Commander Terry Willoughby.   Photo by Ken Webb

A man known by many as charitable and giving, Glen Newton was awarded the Book of Golden Deeds, the highest award the Pulaski Exchange Club can bestow, in 2019. His generosity has been extended to veterans, law enforcement, first responders and educators.

“He has a heart of gold,” Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton said.

As someone who has called Newton a friend for close to 15 years, Helton has witnessed first-hand his friend’s generosity.

“He helps anybody with a need and helps with any organization,” Helton said. “I’m glad to say he is my friend.”

When Newton was incapable of serving in the military after graduating from high school, he left Giles County to become a successful businessman in Georgia and later in South Carolina.

Newton returned to his hometown of Pulaski in 2001 and has since generated a wealth of respect from those who know him.

“Glen has become one of the greatest supporters of those who serve that this county has seen in a long time,” Honor Guard Commander Terry Willoughby said.

“From donations to charities and local fund-raising, Glen has become an inspiration to others. His unselfish deeds have enriched the lives of those he has come in contact with.”

In 2018, Newton’s contribution aided in the preservation of the American Legion Post 60 Post Home. He has also given to the organization’s Big Brothers, Boys State and Girls State programs.

“I know firsthand how his generosity has benefited the local schools, the American Legion and the Pulaski Exchange Club,” local businessman Dewitt Booth said. “His generous philanthropy with the Exchange Club has permitted them to work on several projects involving the youth of Giles County.”

Giles County Assessor of Property Tommy Hyatt recognized Newton’s giving spirit as well.

“He is the most benevolent person I’ve ever known,” Hyatt said. “And he never expects anything in return.”

In 2019, as a loyal supporter, Newton assisted the Giles County Honor Guard in getting a new bus. Now, in 2020, he has generously donated toward the construction of a carport for said bus.

“He loves veterans and their organizations,” Willoughby professed.

Newton’s generosity is widespread and ongoing.

“Glen is also dedicated to ensuring local educators have the resources they need to effectively educate our children,” Willoughby added. “He has shown a willingness to help with worthwhile causes that help the community.”

“Quite simply, he is the kind of person you are glad and proud to call a friend,” Booth said.

Hyatt added that Newton has been someone for him to have a good conversation with.

“I’ve probably talked to him as much as anybody,” Hyatt said.  “Anytime you need it, he is the best person for advice. At the end of the day, there is no better friend.”

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