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Elkton Elementary’s PreK-Fourth Grade Teacher of the Year Kim McAlister strives to make learning fun and engaging for her third graders. According to EES Principal Carol Abernathy, McAlister leaves a lasting impression — her students talk about her long after leaving her class.   Submitted


Elkton Elementary PreK-fourth grade Teacher of the Year Kim McAlister has demonstrated a love for educating those in her charge for more than a decade. 

“Mrs. McAlister is a creative third grade teacher who is much respected by her colleagues,” EES Principal Carol Abernathy said.

Currently, McAlister teaches all subjects in her third grade classroom at Elkton, where she has spent all 12 years of her teaching career. She has a bachelor’s in Elementary Education K-6, as well as an associates degree in paralegal studies.

McAlister was inspired to teach by tales of her maternal great-grandmother’s work as an educator. 

“I think the beginning of my inspiration for teaching began as a child, when I learned that my maternal great-grandmother was a teacher,” she recalled. “I remember my mother telling me stories that, during the lifetime of her grandmother, women were not respected in this profession and it was not for the ‘faint of heart.’

“I was intrigued, but did not come to the realization that this was the profession for me for many years. It took becoming a mother, being a Girl Scout troop leader for each of my daughters’ troops, and teaching Sunday school, before I realized the call in my spirit to teach.”

Exploration with a dash of fun is the name of the game in her classroom. 

“I strive to teach children in a caring, safe environment, where learning should be fun and engaging for my students,” McAlister explained. “I am consistently incorporating methods that allow students to explore and attain age-appropriate independence, while giving guidance to each of them to realize their full potential.” 

“She makes math and science fun for students while teaching the third grade curriculum; she is the teacher students talk about long after they leave her class,” Abernathy added.

When McAlister is not in the classroom she enjoys a good novel, crafting and gardening. Married to husband Chris for 10 years, together they have three children, Britney, Clayton and Kailee, and  enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren, River, Kason and Kennedy.

“My hometown is Jackson, Mich., but my heart is rooted right here in Giles County, and has been for 30-plus years,” McAlister said. “We are proud members of Wales Baptist Church.”

“Elkton School is fortunate to have her as one of our Elkton School Family,” Abernathy concluded. “Mrs. McAlister has mentored younger teachers and serves as a role model to many.”

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