Brindley SMTAR Award

First Realty owner and broker Robert Brindley is honored with a Career Achievement Award from the Southern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors.   Submitted

With a keen understanding and implementation of one’s abilities, some achieve recognition and honor for their knowledge and capabilities within their field.

Robert Brindley, licensed real estate agent of 30 years and owner and broker of First Realty Group, recently received such an award — the Career Achievement Award.

“Mr. Robert is very deserving of this award because he is all about giving back to the community and his business,” First Realty Group office manager Courtney Clem said. “He does all he can for his clients, and they become lifelong friends to him.”

According to the Southern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors (SMTAR), this honor is given to those worthy of “special recognition for their success in business and service to SMTAR and their community.”

Having worked for First Realty Group for five years, Clem said Brindley “continues to make an impression on [her].”

Along with the award, Brindley was given a lifetime membership with SMTAR.

“He never ceases to amaze me,” she added. “I have learned so much from him. I continue to look up to him in all aspects of life.”

Brindley Grandkids

When not busy serving his community, lifelong Giles Countian Robert Brindley enjoys time with his seven grandchildren.   Submitted

A Giles Countian for his whole life, Brindley graduated from Columbia Military Academy and continues to serve as a SMTAR member, serving Giles, Maury, Marshall, Lincoln and Lawrence County, on its Legislative Committee and the Board of Directors while also contributing his time and service to Pulaski Lion’s Club and the Rotary Club of Pulaski.

Brindley and wife Belinda have three daughters, one grandson and six granddaughters, and attend East Hill Church of Christ.

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