CS-Stephanie Miller

Minor Hill School’s 2020 Teacher of the Year for grades 5-8 is Stephanie Miller, who has spent two decades impacting students at the school.   Submitted

Teachers help to set the standard for how we view the world, how we process information. For more than 20 years, Stephanie Miller, Minor Hill School’s 2020 Teacher of the Year for grades 5-8, has inspired her students to look at the world with a fresh perspective.

“I believe that learning to look at the content creatively is as important as mastering the standards,” Miller said. “The lessons I teach them about literature should provide the basis for their own understanding. Ideally, I am teaching them how to learn on their own.”

The fifth and sixth grade English Language Arts teacher is always ready to lend a hand.

“Mrs. Miller sponsors our Beta Club each year, volunteers to help our school any time we request and also operates the after school program LEAPS,” Principal Randy Hamilton said.

LEAPs (Lottery for Education: Afterschool Programs) is dedicated to providing students with academic enrichment opportunities. The program helps to reinforce and complement the regular academic program, enhancing student learning.

The Giles County native has spent most of her career — 20 years — at Minor Hill School. She also taught two years at Highland Christian Academy. She received her master’s degree in education from Cumberland University.

Miller was inspired to pursue the teaching profession by many of her own teachers.

“I attended Minor Hill, Elkton and Giles County High,” she said. “I had amazing teachers at every school and they all inspired me to become a teacher.”

Hamilton is grateful to have Miller as part of the Minor Hill School team.

“Mrs. Miller is a wonderful person and teacher,” he said. “She cares about her students and their success and we are blessed to have her on our school team.”

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