CS-Zachary Hughey

Citizen Zachary Hughey loves all things related to aviation and the outdoors. The service-minded teen has a passion for helping others and has aspirations of serving in the Navy.   Submitted

Citizen Zachary Hughey has a passion for flight and for helping others. As a scout, he has served as the Senior Patrol Leader, a troop’s youth leader, and was elected Chief of the Chewalee Chapter of the Order of the Arrow, a service-based honor society.   

“Zachary likes helping and interacts with people in loading for them at Home Depot where he works part-time as a lot assistant,” dad Steve Hughey said.

The son of Steve and Mary Hughey also loves to spend time with friends and family, including sister Raylynn and little brother Carter.

He is, of course, a member of the Boy Scouts of America and, as an aviation enthusiast, a member of the Soaring Society of America. He also loves travel and any outdoor activity. He is a self-taught fly fisherman and enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking, backpacking and shooting sports.

The 2020 graduate of Giles County High School achieved his Eagle Scout rank for his project to restore and rejuvenate a Sam Davis Park garden.

In the Order of the Arrow, the youth served voluntarily as an “Elangomat,” a friend/assistant to new inductees as they undergo an arduous service-based weekend, historically called an ordeal.

“He voluntarily went through the ordeal five additional times after his initial one, earning a special Elangomat award,” his father added.

Hughey also received the FAA Student Pilot solo endorsement.

“Zachary learned to fly sailplanes (gliders) at the age of 14 and soloed, having flown an airplane by himself before he could legally drive with an adult in the car in Tennessee,” he explained.

“While learning to fly sailplanes, Zachary loved being a wing runner whose job is to assist pilots getting their sailplanes ready for launch (towing by a powered aircraft). He met several airline pilots and well known sailplane pilot authors who were glad to have him tow their plane out and hook up the tow rope between their sailplane and the tow plane.”

The travel loving teen has made separate trips to Germany, Austria, Puerto Rico and Iceland.

“He is hoping to have other travel adventures should he join the military,” Steve Hughey said. “He admires those who have served our country in the armed forces and has aspirations of serving in the Navy at some time in the future.”

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