City Council Preview

In light of recent social strife throughout the country, the city of Pulaski is proposing the formation of a committee to address local issues and bring about change.

During last week’s work session held by the city of Pulaski’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Mayor Pat Ford addressed the discussion of how to initiate progress for all of Pulaski’s citizens as a unified effort between the city and community.

“We had a long work session last time we met, and we kind of left that conversation,” Ford said. “I think there was a consensus of the board that no action was needed, or at least I felt that way. As I’ve thought about that, one of the things I heard throughout that night that we sat here and listened was ‘how do we add to, how do we build up, how do we honor others without tearing down or doing away with our history?’ I guess my question is, is there an interest in doing that, and how do we do that? Is it putting together a committee, is it putting together some folks from our community to talk about what it is we do moving forward?”

Ford was referring to the city’s three-hour work session held July 20 in which citizens and board members alike took turns expressing strong opinions about the history of Pulaski. This time, the board indicated interest and agreement about moving the city forward, with Alderman Hardin Franklin stating, “We have to change with the times that we are living in.”

Alderman Ricky Keith shared his thoughts on the importance of creating a committee in order to act, not react, saying, “One of the things that I’ve always learned is oftentimes when things are either controversial or challenging… comments are made and people react. Reactions are impulsive, responses are measured, and that’s the opportunity we have with putting a citizen group together that is diverse in every way and has meaningful conversation.”

Alderman Jerry Bryant agreed, saying, “There’s another story that needs to be told here, and I don’t think that there’s anybody on this board that would be against that at all. Let’s be proactive, not destructive. History is what it is, but we want to learn from it and move forward.”

The details of any committee formation have yet to be discussed. The Pulaski Board of Mayor Aldermen will hold its next work session at 4:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17, at City Hall.

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