City Council Preview

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved the purchase of land for the construction of a future industrial spec building to attract prospective industry.

“We are missing out on between 80 to 90 percent of the prospects that the state sends out all across the state for potential industry,” City Administrator Terry Harrison said, adding that those prospects are wanting to look at existing buildings.

“We don’t even have anything to show them,” Harrison said, including that the city is missing that marketable leverage. “If we have a spec building, we can get them in town. If they don’t like that, we can say we have some other tracts to show you.”

Since lumber and steel prices are currently high, Harrison suggested buying the land now and waiting until fall or next spring to start the construction of the spec building.

Harrison said there is a 35-acre lot he and EDC Director David Hamilton have been looking at that is for sale. While 10 of those acres are pending sale, 25 acres are currently available.

“At the state of inflation we are right now, our dollars will be more valuable in property I believe at this moment,” Alderman Ricky Keith said. “I believe it will be a good investment for the city.”

The board approved up to $600,000 for the purchase of the entire lot if the 10 acres were to not sell.


The city council approved the 2021-22 appropriations on first reading. Those included were Veterans Alliance for $2,000; Giles County Public Library, $137,800; Senior Citizens, $20,000; Giles County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, $26,500; New Canaan, $2,000; Child Development Center, $5,000; South Central Human Resource Agency, $1,300; Boys and Girls Club, $9,000; E-911, $112,000; Economic Development Commission, $51,700; Historic Downtown Pulaski, $35,000; Kid’s Place CAC, $5,000; STAAR Theatre, $5,000; The Shelter, $5,000; Giles County Schools, $200,000; Giles County Fire and Rescue, $2,500; UT Southern $100,000; The Pouring Spot, $2,000; and the Giles County Humane Association, $2,500.

The appropriations totaled $724,300.

In other business during its regular session June 8, the board:

• Approved parade permits for Historic Downtown Pulaski for June 30 and Martin Methodist College or its assignee for July 1 and Aug. 26.

• Authorized advertisement for bids for telemetry for gas and water meters.

• Authorized advertisement for bids for seal-coating the Abernathy Airport runway.

• Approved a resolution to apply for grants for Abernathy Airport that will assist in the costs of seal-coating the runway. Harrison said it should be a 95/5 match if not 100 percent covered.

• Awarded a bid to Journey Logging after hearing a proposal of $132,500 for clear-cutting land at Abernathy Airport. Harrison suggested going with the company since they were not just the only bid but were also local and the city had done business with them before.

• Heard due to the city’s July 4 holiday including July 5, that week’s work session will be moved to Tuesday, July 6.

• Approved, on first reading, the annexation of property located at 1936 Elkton Pike.

“This is the first major opportunity we’ve had to expand our city limits in many, many years,” Keith said.

The second reading and public hearing are set for Tuesday, June 22, at 12:10 p.m.

• Approved, on first reading, the 2021-22 budget. The second reading and public hearing are set for June 22 at 12:05 p.m.

As beer board, the city council:

• Approved a temporary beer permit and special event permit for Historic Downtown Pulaski for June 30.

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