The Giles County Commission set its committees and elected officers for the coming year before approving, among other items, funding for countywide schools renovations.

The county commission met in its monthly session Monday, which in September means the setting of committees, boards and officers for the coming year.

Giles County Executive Melissa Greene was elected to serve as the chair of the county commission. Commissioner Stoney Jackson was chosen to serve as vice chair and Commissioner Tommy Pollard will serve as commission chaplain.

The commission made committee assignments for the next year and elected officers for each committee. Committee assignments were approved as follows (members listed in order of district):

Ambulance/Rescue Squad: Joyce Woodard (Secretary), David Wamble (Chair), David Adams, Roger Reedy, Brad Butler (Vice Chair), Joseph Sutton and Terry Harwell.

Audit: Erin Curry (Vice Chair), Jackson (Chair), Adams, Rodney Journey, Gayle Jones, Larry Worsham and Harold Brooks (Secretary).

Budget: Curry (Chair), Wamble (Vice Chair), Tim Risner, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Worsham (Secretary) and Judy Pruett.

Building/Property: Woodard, Tracy Wilburn (Vice Chair), Adams, Reedy (Chair), Butler, Worsham and Brooks (Secretary).

Environmental: Curry (Chair), Wilburn, Mike Cesarini (Vice Chair), Reedy (Secretary), Pollard, Rose Brown and Harwell.

Highway: Bill Cary, Wilburn (Vice Chair), Risner (Chair), Journey (Secretary), Pollard, Sutton and Harwell.

Insurance: Woodard, Wamble (Chair), Adams, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones (Secretary), Sutton (Vice Chair) and Brooks.

Law Enforcement/Safety: Cary (Secretary), Wamble, Cesarini, Journey (Chair), Butler (Vice Chair), Brown and Harwell.

Legislative: Woodard, Jackson (Chair), Cesarini, Duane Jones (Vice Chair), Pollard, Worsham and Pruett (Secretary).

Public Service: Cary, Wilburn (Vice Chair), Risner, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Brown (Chair) and Brooks (Secretary).

Schools: Cary, Jackson (Chair), Cesarini, Journey, Butler (Vice Chair), Sutton and Pruett (Secretary).

Other committee and board elections included:

Commissioners appointed to the Agri-Park Committee for one year are Brown, Jackson, Butler, Duane Jones and Pruett.

Commissioners appointed to the Beer Board from districts two, four and six are Jackson, Duane Jones and Brown.

Citizens appointed to the Campbellsville Library Board are Sharon Foster, Diane Colvett and Rosemary Martin.

Three commissioners were appointed to the Financial Management Committee. They are Duane Jones, Cesarini and Reedy.

Appointed to the Ethics Committee were Giles County Trustee Janice Curtis, Worsham, Jackson, Journey and Sutton.

Appointed to the Board of Flood Zoning Appeals were E-911 Director Mike Goode, Curry, Gayle Jones and John Wright.

Appointed to the Public Library Board was Duane Jones.

Lucy Henson was chosen to serve another year as county attorney.

Barry Alsup was chosen to serve another year as veterans service officer.

Schools Funding

The commission joined the Giles County Board of Education in dedicating $3.2 million to the proposed schools renovations project.

The county commission will transfer $3.2 million to the school system’s capital projects fund to match $3.2 million unanimously approved by the school board last week. The initial $6.4 million is expected to get the estimated $16.2 million schools renovations started as soon as possible. (See the related school board article in this edition.)

Dead Livestock

The commission voted down a motion by Wamble, which he said would impact very few Giles Countians but could potentially save taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Wamble’s motion dealt with the county paying for the pick up and disposal of dead livestock. Using figures provided in a recent Environmental Committee meeting, Wamble made the motion for the county to pay the pick up and disposal cost of five dead animals per address in the county. After the first five, the owner of the property would be billed $50 per animal picked up.

Wamble noted that in a good year less than 10 people in Giles County would be affected. In a bad year he said, the taxpayers of Giles County would be saved thousands of dollars.

Reedy and Pollard expressed their support for keeping the dead animal pick up program as it is, citing the importance of agriculture to Giles County’s economy and the danger to public health if dead animal carcasses are not properly disposed of.

Wamble’s motion failed by a vote of 7-14. Voting for were Cary, Jackson, Wamble, Butler, Brown, Sutton and Worsham. Voting against were Curry, Woodard, Wilburn, Adams, Cesarini, Risner, Duane Jones, Journey, Reedy, Gayle Jones, Pollard, Brooks, Harwell and Pruett.

In other business at its September meeting Monday, the county commission:

• Authorized Greene to apply for CARES Act Relief Funding in the amount of $442,000.

• Approved the county absorbing a 5.4 percent increase in employee insurance costs.

• Received an update from Economic Development Director David Hamilton.

• Approved renewal and new notaries public.

• Approved governmental grant contracts for Giles County/Giles County Election Commission and for the Giles County Sheriff’s Department.

• Authorized amendments for the county general, highway and school system budgets.

• Authorized surety bonds for Assessor of Property Tommy Hyatt.

• Authorized participating in two cooperative purchasing groups.

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