Commission Preview

A policy for the use of the Giles County Courthouse and grounds is among the items expected to be considered by the County Commission when it meets in full session Monday.

The commission is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. March 20 on the second floor of the Courthouse. The meeting will be presented on the Pulaski Citizen Live YouTube Channel.

“The Historic Giles County Courthouse serves as the seat of county government, is the repository for the county’s official records and houses departments and offices that have confidential civil, criminal, juvenile, legal, medical, mental health and personnel records,” the proposed policy for use of the Courthouse grounds states. “The purpose of this policy is to formalize and standardize the application, review and approval procedures for special events and non-governmental uses held on the grounds of the Courthouse.”

The proposed policy has not been recommended by the commission’s Property Committee, which is scheduled to meet Thursday, March 16, at 9 a.m. in the basement boardroom of the County Annex. The proposal is on the agenda for Thursday’s committee meeting. Also at Thursday’s meeting, the property committee will receive an update of potential Ambulance Station sites.

Under the proposed policy, as it currently reads, a permit will be required for any special event, which is any organized gathering of people for any purpose for a limited period of time which has been permitted by the City of Pulaski, or any other for-profit or non-profit individual, group or organization that meets requirement spelled out in the proposed policy.

The office of the county executive is authorized in the proposal to issue permits for special events, and is authorized to establish reasonable boundaries as well as coordinating with the City of Pulaski and other public agencies concerning the special event.

The proposed policy sets forth procedures and a process for seeking a permit that includes details and schedule of events; anticipated attendance, date and hours of the event, map of requested location, scope of use and required public services.

Users of the Courthouse and grounds would potentially be required to protect it from damage; tour the grounds prior to the event if requested; keep booths, tents and other items from obstructing sidewalks; keep vehicles off sidewalks, grass or planted areas; and use of Courthouse electrical and extension cords are prohibited.

“Giles County is committed to providing a respectful and welcoming atmosphere at all special events,” the proposed policy states. “Individuals of all backgrounds are welcome to special events in the county. Application for a special events permit indicates your agreement that your event and all your participants will not engage in behavior that demonstrates discrimination or harassment.”

The proposed policy goes on to state that the Courthouse itself is not available for use at any special event. It also goes on to give reasons for the possible denial of a permit, conditional issuance of a permit or revocation of a permit.

“The Office of the County Executive reserves the right to restrict use of the Courthouse grounds to specific parts or portions thereof,” the proposed policy states. “Additionally, the Office of the County Executive may issue a special event permit with conditions or limitations placed upon the event in the best interest of public health, safety or for other reasonable cause.”

Included with the proposal is a special event application and agreement for the county commission to consider.

The policy is included on the agenda for Monday’s meeting and can be considered with or without the property committee’s recommendation.

Commissioner to Retire

County Executive Graham Stowe told budget committee members recently that Commissioner Maurice Woodard of District 7 has announced he will retire from the commission for personal reasons. Woodard was elected to his first term on the commission in August of last year.

Stowe said he has discussed the guidelines for filling Woodard’s seat with the County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS), with the commission’s April meeting being the most likely date for considering the appointment. This, he noted, would give potential candidates time to put their names in for consideration.

Woodard’s replacement will be elected by the county commission from candidates who place their names in for consideration.

Budget Procedures

Non-profit organizations seeking funds from the county commission can do so April 1-May 1 under new budget rules set to streamline the process.

Among the rules changes to be considered Monday are the county commission possibly setting aside a lump-sum amount as a potential funding source for non-profit organizations; the dates for accepting applications will be advertised in the local newspaper and online at; applicants must use the current application approved by the county commission; applicants must submit 10 copies of their completed application to the county executive’s office by 4 p.m. on May 1; and if the application guidelines are not followed the application will not be considered.

A final change sets the consideration and deliberation of non-profit funding after the normal budgeting process is completed.

The changes were unanimously recommended by the commission’s budget committee.

Paramedic Training

The commission will consider a resolution establishing guidelines to reimburse paramedics for training.

Under the proposed resolution, the county would reimburse county full-time employees who complete an EMT Paramedic Course accredited or recognized by the Division of Emergency Medical Service of the Tennessee Department of Health.

The maximum reimbursement would be $8,781 over a three-year period, limited only to monies actually paid by the employee who successfully completes an accredited or recognized EMT Paramedic Course.

Other business on the agenda for the county commission’s March 20 full session includes:

• Consider several changes to the commission’s rules of order recommended by the Legislative Committee.

• Consider an amendment to the 2022-23 Giles County School System General Purpose School Fund budget.

• Possibly consider a resolution abolishing COVID-19 Protocols.

• Consider a resolution setting clear guidelines regarding the display of flags on county-owned properties and county-supported properties. The only flags allowed under the proposed resolution would be the United States flag, the Tennessee state flag, the Giles County flag and the POW-MIA flag. 

• Consider a resolution establishing the duties and responsibilities of the Commission’s Audit Committee.

• Consider a resolution agreeing to the amendment of the state opioid abatement agreement and related settlement agreements.

• Consider county department reports, grants, agreements and contracts.

• Consider electing David Bolden and Paul Allen to the Equalization Board.

• Consider new and renewal Notaries Public at Large.

Giles County commissioners are allowed to bring any item to the floor of a full commission meeting whether or not it is on the agenda.

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