Giles County’s emergency personnel have to be ready at a moment’s notice to provide aid in all kinds of disasters.

While some may end in tragedy, the Giles County Sheriff’s Department and Giles County Fire and Rescue had a chance to provide assistance in a unique way that led to a happy ending for one local family.

A call went out the morning of March 31 that a local family was in need of medical supplies and food for a diabetic family member but were hemmed in by flood waters making local roads impassable in the Old Campbellsville Road area.

The Giles County Sheriff’s Department assessed the situation, finding that while they might potentially have the necessary resources to provide the aid, there was another agency that could assist in providing just what the family needed.

“I went out and looked at it where they couldn’t get across,” Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton said. “We have a big military vehicle that we felt like we might be able to deliver it that way, but I looked and felt like it was too risky to do that, so we contacted the rescue squad, and they agreed and took the boat and took it across and took the medication and the groceries.”

It was one of three calls the GCFR Swift Water Team answered in a 24-hour span due to rising flood waters with the other two involving vehicles stuck in flood waters. GCFR chief Josh Fralix praised the work the team performs and noted the danger involved in swift water rescue.

“We launched our boat right there at the location and carried some medicine and supplies over to them, so they would be able to make it out and have stuff for that day,” Fralix said. “I am really proud of our guys. They put in a lot of training and a lot of hours to be able to serve Giles County. Swift water is a dangerous situation to be in. Our guys put their lives in danger to go out and serve the citizens of Giles County, and I am 100 percent proud of every one of them who are there to help whenever needed.”

It turned out the supplies delivered to James and Gloria Jones proved essential, and James was especially thankful for the aid the family received, thanking everyone from the dispatchers to GCSD to GCFR.

“The water was moving swift, pretty rough,” he said. “It wasn’t exactly an easy task for them to get out into the water and make it across to bring me a battery for my wife’s meter. Good thing they did because her sugar was low, and they brought me some bread and spaghetti, you know, carbs to get her sugar up. I just want to thank them for risking their lives to bring me those few supplies. I know to the average person that might sound meager, but to a diabetic, that’s pretty important.”

The teamwork shown by the local agencies is just part of an effort over the past year which has seen more than 200 prescription and grocery deliveries performed by GCSD to help local citizens during a global pandemic. Helton once again thanked GCFR for their part in the response, adding the swift water rescue team is just one of the numerous services the agency provides to the citizens of Giles County.

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