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Daniel and Wendy Haney, along with son Hagan, are congratulated by John Murrey (left) on their Pulaski Exchange Club Auction Grand Prize win of a 2021 Chevrolet Sprint.   Paul Manke / Pulaski Exchange Club

For Daniel and Wendy Haney and son Hagan, Nov. 20 will be a day to remember.

A ticket held by the Haneys was the last one pulled in the 41st annual Pulaski Exchange Club Fund-Raiser, which left the family the winner of a 2021 Chevrolet Sprint.

Daniel Haney, who operates a real estate and land management company, was a four-time president of the local club.

Proceeds from the reverse drawing go to support club projects and programs to benefit organizations and causes throughout Giles County.

Due to Covid-19 concerns, the Exchange Club has not held its customary meal in the Giles County High School cafeteria, which was highlighted by the drawing and a silent auction.

Instead, $25 from each ticket went to pay for a meal at the Hickory House Restaurant. Those tickets need to be redeemed by Dec. 31.

“The Pulaski Exchange Club is grateful for the community support, and the club reinvests funds to make our community a better place in which to live and raise a family,” Dewitt Booth, interim president of the Exchange Club, said.

“The club also appreciates the efforts of WKSR Radio in helping us publicize this event. Proceeds from the event help our club do so many things to help the community.”

The Exchange Club meets at Hickory House Restaurant at 11:45 a.m. every Tuesday except the first week of the month, except in December.

Daniel Haney is the third brother in his family to have his name drawn as winner of the grand door prize, in club history, he said.

Proceeds from the fund-raiser go to funding two $1,000 scholarships to Giles County and Richland High Students of the Year and another for the ACE Award — Accepting the Challenge of Excellence — which is alternated between students at Giles County and Richland high schools every other year, as well as paying membership fees for the Excel Club members at GCHS.

Other proceeds are used for club philanthropic

endeavors such as the Exchange Park (Little League), the Giles County Public Library, sponsors for Boys State and Girls State candidates from each county high school, Boy and Girl Scouts, New Canaan Ranch, Boys & Girls Club and The Pouring Spot Teen Center in Pulaski.

Ten prizes donated by local businesses were awarded to others whose tickets were among the last 10 drawn.

The 2021 Sprint was purchased by the club at cost from Murrey Chevrolet.

“We thank the members of the Pulaski Exchange Club for doing this,” Butch Menefee, general manager of WKSR, said. “The event was well organized as usual, and we were happy to broadcast it.”


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