Welcome back Fearless Forecasters!

After a year of turmoil and uncertainty, the PULASKI CITIZEN’s football prognostication contest is back with a new look and some familiar faces. You’ll find it on Page A14 in this week's edition of the PULASKI CITIZEN.

The decision to postpone Fearless Forecasters last year was a tough one, but not knowing which, or if any, games would be played each week made holding the contest a difficult proposition at best.

With things a little more steady this year, the PULASKI CITIZEN staff has forged ahead with everybody’s favorite football picking contest. Please read the contest rules concerning canceled games. The short and sweet of it is that the money will not be awarded on any week where less than 12 of the contest games are played.

The prize money picks back up where it left off in January 2020, and now stands at $2,700. Pick all the games correctly in a week (unless less than 12 games are played that week) and the prize money is yours. We’ll add $100 every week during football season this year.

A big thank you goes out to Daniel Haney of Haney Realty and Property Management and Haney Auction Company for sponsoring our prize money each week this year!

This year we’ve added game sponsors, so make sure you thank First National Bank, Gerald’s Auto Body Repair, Giles County Rent-A-Car, Cardin Distributing, Pulaski Electric System, The Outlook, Coca Cola Bottling, Big Boss Gun & Pawn, Johnson’s Foodtown and Holley’s Printing for joining in the fun and sponsoring each week’s games.

These businesses will also be providing a prize valued at $50 for the best picker each week.

If you don’t like the games you have to pick, don’t blame our sponsors, blame me. I’m the one choosing the games each week. You’re welcome and there’s no need for that kind of language.

Our panel of Fearless Forecasters has decreased a little, but you’ll recognize some of the faces you see there — former Sports Editor and current Staff Writer Mark Mize who is going for his fourth straight title; Editor Cary Jane Malone; new Sports Editor and new panelist Wade Neely; prize money sponsor Daniel Haney; and our weekly game sponsors.

Bring ‘em in, send ‘em in or mail ‘em in, but make sure you get your picks to us by the end of business every Friday, which around here is 4:30 p.m.

We’ll enjoy seeing our regulars come through the doors here at the PULASKI CITIZEN/Holley’s Printing offices again. Everyone of them declaring they’ve got the big money winner this week.

You’ll find the Fearless Forecasters page each week in the PULASKI CITIZEN, sent to you by subscription every week or available in markets and boxes in Pulaski and across Giles County.

Good luck everybody! Y’all have fun!

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