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Completed ballots may be mailed with a first-class stamp in the county you reside at the designated post office before 3 p.m. local time on Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 3.

A representative from the county election commission will pick up ballots directly from the designated post office to ensure they are received by the close of polls on Election Day.

Giles County voters concerned about delays in mail delivery can speed the process up by mailing their completed absentee by-mail ballot at the Pulaski Post Office, 111 W. College St., said Giles County Administrator of Elections Zena Dickey.

“The Postal Service is implementing extraordinary measures and resources to deliver for Tuesday’s General Election. We are working closely with local elections officials to offer ballot delivery on Election Day at 95 post offices across the state. While the 3 p.m. deadline is in place for ballots on Nov. 3, other information about our locations, including retail hours is available at, under Find USPS Locations,” said USPS Tennessee District Manager Christopher L. Alexander.

“It is important that voters know that they can mail their absentee by-mail ballots in this manner. Every vote matters, and we want to make sure that every legal vote is counted,” said Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins.

Giles County voters can easily and securely track their absentee by-mail ballot’s status with the Secretary of State’s Absentee By-Mail Ballot Status Tracker tool:

—GC Election Commission

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