The Pulaski Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with the city of Pulaski, has announced a plan to safely reopen all city parks as well as the recreation center June 1.

The department emphasizes that while this is an exciting moment for the community, local residents are encouraged to continue to follow state guidelines, and select activities are not yet ready to be resumed as of the first of the month.

The recreation center itself will reopen June 1 with a limit on the number of people in each room dependent on the size of said room. Contact sports such as football, basketball and soccer will also be prohibited.

All city parks will also be opening June 1 while continuing to follow state social distancing guidelines. The parks’ basketball courts will not yet reopen, but ball fields will be open for practice by reservation.

The city pool will remain closed for the 2020 summer season due to COVID-19 and major maintenance.

“We are excited to reopen,” said Program Coordinator Darlene Slinger. “We’re excited for the community to be part of the parks again and to be able to use them. There is no way that we can guarantee that everything will be illness free once people start coming back into the parks, but we can request that they follow the guidelines that are set.”

The state guidelines include:

• Maintaining six feet of distance between a person and anyone outside of their household

• Limiting groups to 50 persons or less

• Practice good personal hygiene and observe CDC recommendations (washing hands)

• Encouraging the wearing of a face covering

“We do know from experience in our county and throughout Tennessee that the one thing that is indisputable is that planning, training and implementing safety measures are the best ways to protect each other and to protect ourselves and our families. But we do want to encourage them to come back to the parks. We want to encourage them to be careful, but most of all, we want to empower our community to rise back up from what seems to have knocked us down,” Slinger concluded.

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