City Council Preview

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided to table the decision of an additional plaque being added to the door of the PA announcer booth in the George Martin Press Box at Sam Davis Park to collect more information.

After a previously approved request, a plaque honoring the late Bill Holt, longstanding GCHS football PA announcer, has been designated to the door of the PA announcer booth.

John Nelson, who said he represents a group of Bridgeforth High School alumni, has presented a request to honor the name of Bridgeforth PA announcer J.R. McClure with a plaque alongside Holt’s on the door.

Nelson cited Alderman Ricky Keith’s earlier encouragement of adding to community recognition of historical figures by lifting up black historical figures.

The board heard numerous statements from the community and those who knew both men describing the legacy of each.

“He would spend hours at Sam Davis before the season started just making sure of little details, like, are the bulbs burning in the scoreboard, is the PA system working correctly,” said Beth Beech, Holt’s daughter. “He wanted everything perfect because we represented Pulaski, and he wanted the very best.”

The board and members of the community alike agreed it was not a question of these two men’s accomplishments as both were commendable for a tribute of their own.

“We in no manner question or challenge the qualifications of the man you all approved for the name to go on the announcer’s booth,” Nelson said. “We are here asking that his name [McClure] as a co-honorary, an add-on, if you will, to that of one you have already approved — not in any manner to challenge Mr. Holt’s qualifications to be there.”

Alderman Vicky Harwell said, “My concern with this has been that we recognize both of them; both equally.”

The board asked it to be considered that both men could have their individual memorial and place of honor. Of McClure, Harwell said, “He is worthy of his own freestanding recognition.”

Harwell included that Holt’s dedication had gone through the correct channels and steps to get it approved.

“We had already voted to name the press box after Holt,” Alderman Randy Massey said, asking if anyone had been able to observe the media center in which the announcer booth is located.

It was suggested that the entire center, with the exception of the door, could be named the J.R. McClure Media Center.

Nelson implied that McClure would not want more than he had worked for and would want his acknowledgment on the announcer booth door. Nothing more or less should be considered, he said.

Since few people had gone to look inside the press box area, a member of the audience asked if the request could be held off for more discussion. The board agreed that would be in the best interest of all who needed more information.

Recent Decisions

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session Sept. 8. At that meeting the board: awarded the North First Street Sidewalk bid to RJ Watkins & Son Construction Inc. at $905,338.50; tabled Nelson’s amendment to the wording in his petition with a 6-1 vote — Alderman Hardin Franklin voted against; approved first reading of the rezoning of property owned by Billy Brown located on Gordon Lane to a R3 zone. A public hearing is set for Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 12:05 p.m.

The board is scheduled to meet next in regular session at noon Tuesday, Sept. 22, at City Hall.

Included on the agenda for next week’s meeting are:

• Parade permits for Giles County Veterans Service (Nov. 11), Giles County Chamber (Oct. 23) and Life Choice Pregnancy Center (Oct. 4).

• A resolution to accept a USDA Rural Development Community Facility Grant.

• The request to add a plaque to the door of the announcer’s booth inside the George Martin Press Box at Sam Davis Park.

• A public hearing and second reading on the rezoning of property located on Gordon Lane.

• Advertising for bids on the landscaping and monthly maintenance for the downtown area.

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