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One person was extricated and two transported by ambulance from the scene of a wreck on West College Street in Pulaski today (Friday) at approximately 9:30 a.m.

City and county emergency personnel responded to the scene of the two-vehicle crash in front of White and Stafford Rent to Own. Pulaski Police are still investigating.

No names or official report of the accident were available at the time of publication. Updates will be provided as they are made available and in next week’s edition of the PULASKI CITIZEN.

Unofficial reports at the scene indicate the driver of a vehicle from Shelby County had possibly been involved in another wreck along College Street prior to this crash. Evidence at the scene indicated the driver of the Shelby County vehicle struck a Toyota Tundra pickup truck along the rear and driver’s side, forcing the truck into the White and Stafford Rent to Own parking lot where it came to rest.

The vehicle from Shelby County flipped onto its side and slid several feet before coming to rest in the Ned’s Car Care parking lot where rescue personnel worked to extricate and provide care to the driver.

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Giles EMS reported transporting two individuals from the scene to STRHS Pulaski, one with non-life threatening injuries. Giles EMS later transferred the other patient to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with critical injuries.

Pulaski Police were assisted at the scene by Giles County Fire and Rescue volunteers, who extricated the driver of the Shelby County vehicle and helped with traffic control. Giles County EMS responded with two ambulances and other personnel.

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Did anyone see this happen? What happened?

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