Our president just violated the basic principle of nondiscrimination. 

His forcing hard working Americans with high credit scores to pay a premium on loans to subsidize those who do not maintain good credit ratings is discriminatory. His preposterous rule is not only biased but penalizes those that faithfully pay their bills. It tears at the very heart of that which is fair and is very discouraging to those that strive to maintain good credit. 

It also sends the wrong message to those with bad credit ratings, removing any incentive to pay what they owe and ultimately place creditors and lending institutions at risk. 

I would ask what ridiculous rule he may next enact? Perhaps a rule that inadvertently penalizes Americans for being too enterprising. 

Recalling when President Biden hunkered down in his basement during the pandemic, he needs to exit the sanctuary of the White House and walk among his constituents. By doing so, he will quickly realize that this is one more of many examples as to why a vast majority of Americans are extremely unhappy with his leadership. 

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I can't think of a single thing he has done that is good for the country. He should have been impeached long ago.


Somewhat confused as to: a. What policy the writer is referring to as he is absent any factual data? and b. Why we in Giles County are getting an incoherent opinion piece from a county political candidate who apparently resides in Alleghany County, PA??

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