Here is my view of the gun issue.

When I was a girl, my uncle had a hunting rifle. I never saw it unless he heard a wolf on the farm or was going deer hunting with the men. Otherwise, it was locked up in a box on a high shelf. Years later, my dad taught me how to shoot with a .22. So my experience is limited, but instructive.

The men in my family knew that guns were dangerous, and you needed to train your kids to respect them. So, I think the following:

Open carry of deadly weapons anywhere in the county should be outlawed unless a person’s job requires it or unless they are hunting for food or animals on the farm. No weapons of any kind should be allowed in any public building, park or business. All guns not in use must be locked up. All persons owning a deadly weapon must register that weapon and keep the registration as proof that they have been screened and trained in the use of that weapon.

Sharon M. Rush, M.S.

1837 Lake Logan Road, Ardmore, TN 38449

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I agree with you expect that a person should be train on gun safety but we do have the right to bear arms but I also think think that people should be screen before having a gun of any type.

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