Ms. Debra McManus pens what I believe to be the saddest commentary I have seen on this subject lately. However, she is consistent with the Left’s view of “life.”

She makes six points that I will state then offer a counter opinion.

• Death rate is up without access to abortion.

I hope everyone notes the irony. Stated another way ... it is necessary to murder more babies to reduce the death rate.  

• Disproportionate among women of color.

Typical of the Left to pull the race card when they/their policies target the very population for increased genocide they are using as an example.

• Birth control should be a government

responsibility. No, it should not be. The government should have no business in such matters. The government’s role is to protect life. Birth control is a personal responsibility. The best way to not have an unwanted pregnancy is to exercise self-control. Unless you are a dog this is doable.

• Poverty. Many people are born into or have experienced poverty. Murdering them is not a reasonable way to avoid such. I submit you are quite impoverished if you are dead.

• Abortion relieves mental and genetic disorders. While this is a true statement, murdering people hardly seems like a reasonable corrective solution.

• Male political leaders are the problem.

Again, another traditional Left assault. Males are not the problem. If Ms. McManus believes such she and her ilk should run for political office.

The entire idea of pro-abortion is an anathema to ethical thought. The abortion industry; corporate, medical, political, personal is bankrupt in every respect. There is simply no place in human existence for the wanton destruction of innocent human life.

I invite Ms. McManus to look closely in the mirror and envision yourself as an unborn child and know that your mother purposefully allowed knives to cut your head and body apart then be sucked out like trash because you didn’t fit some ideological mold.

Don Jenkins

Colonel US Army (Retired)

20 Mullins Hill Road, Ardmore, TN 38449

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