My friend, Mr. Joseph Sutton, told me I should write about the importance of voting.  

“And did you know?” he said. “Two of our nation’s presidents were elected by one vote.”

I have heard from a reliable source that the electoral college process that is now in place was designed to cut out poor voters. This kind of voting goes back to early Germanic law where the king ruled only with the support of his nobles. In our time, however, one would hope there are more safeguards to ensure that the electors represent the people.

The soul of democracy is rule by the people and not by a king. Each citizen has a right to a voice in government. The people do not have to suffer the cruelty of a tyrant. In America our voice can be a strong call for change. We each can take small steps. Voting is our duty no matter how you feel about the politics.

In our American revolution, King George of England was a cruel, insane, impulsive and inadequate leader. The people of the first 13 colonies banded together to overthrow his rule, and declared that they would forever after be ruled only by the voice and support of the people.  

We must not be afraid to do this one small act, but rather be determined to make our voice heard. In doing so we declare ourselves to be free and proud Americans.  

To register or apply for your ballot to be mailed to you, contact the Giles County Election Commission office at 363-2424 or register online at

Sharon Rush

1837 Lake Logan Road

Ardmore, TN 38449

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